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    Gigabyte B75M
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  1. Does anyone know why my game does this when i move the mouse? No other game does this for me 20200410_211153.mp4
  2. Yeah I did and it's not thermal throttling anymore but it's still averaging 95 degrees. I may try to get some high flow fans and removing the psu shroud like @Relayersuggested. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. So air is flowing from the red fan to the black. The GPU is exhausting air from the back and front and the intake is on the bottom
  4. I've just opened up my pc and turned it on and the gpu fans arent spinning up. Ive set them to 100% on msi afterburner but its not spinning at all
  5. Yup it is installed front to back
  6. I got a new PC and my GPU idles at around 70-80 degrees and my CPU idles around 60 degrees. I have 2 fans blowing air through the case and I'm using the stock heatsinks for the ryzen 5 3600 and MSI evoke 5700xt. My room doesn't feel hot and the air coming out the back of my PC isn't super hot either. I noticed it while playing borderlands 3 and my CPU usage was only at 20%-30% and my GPU was at 100 degrees. In the past 2 case fans and stock heatsinks have been fine so idk what the issue is here. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, I recently plugged a USB device into my pc and it caused a power surge shutting down all the ports after. Since then I have restarted my pc and it works well now(although it did crash to shutdown while i was playing a game). my question is will there be any damages to any parts? I want to make sure that a component won't fail on me Thanks in advance !
  8. thanks guys! I'll ask my mates for their CPU
  9. Hey, so I bought an i5 7500 and a gigabyte h110m-h motherboard and it seems to be on a boot cycle powering off before the bios can come up and then re-powering on its own. I talked to the manufacturer and they said it's because the motherboard isn't fully compatible with the latest gen of cpus(not sure what that means). Is there a way to fix it without sending it back? Thanks in advance
  10. Defs the Blade Stealth! That thing looks sick
  11. I currently have a GTX 770 because it went for cheap. If this is the reference card I'd like to make a custom heatsink for it. (I make heatsinks for various things)
  12. Username: TheBlackPrince https://www.vessel.com/videos/FoXTLdenG- The guide I based my personal rig off (bang for the buck) https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  13. the 970 is aimed at 1440p gaming so on 1080p you would see great results.. well above 60fps in every game