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  1. Maybe look if you can grab just a regular ND. I know a guy who just owns a 6-stop. He’s uses that for video since he only shoots outdoors and around the same time of day.
  2. Don’t go cheap. The cheap ones have a color cast and you will hate it.
  3. Idk I’d also look at the lenses before you pick one. In the short term a6500, but if you ever want to upgrade you have to go out and buy FF lenses. I have the a6300 and love it, but apsc lenses for Sony kinda suck right now for stills. For video they are just ok. So I’m force to go FF.
  4. I’d say try Sony A7III with sigma mc-11 adaptor. It’s been known to adapt native canon lenses really well to Sony. And it’s probably your best bet for sports and landscapes. Although to hit 10fps your shooting compressed raw, not like that super matters, but some are picky. Uncompressed raw I believe gets you 8fps.
  5. So I live in Florida, basically the birding capital of the world and I frequently go out myself to get some bird shots, 90% of the time I see people with the D500 and the 200-500 combo. It’s a killer setup for the price. Now a not so serious birder I go out with to shoot with uses the d7200 and a sigma 150-600. He gets great results, but the AF just can’t keep up in the places where the bird isn’t filling the frame. If you have a Bush the bird is going in an out of or there is a lot of branches around and the lighting kinda sucks the d7200 can’t keep up. It sounds like it’s a big jump up for you to get this other body, but I’d keep in mind it’s super frustrating when you drive 2hr to try and get a shot, but your AF is weak and you got this bird moving all around like it’s on crack.
  6. I believe that goes against instagrams terms of service which could result in a ban
  7. I’ve not used a field monitor, but have you considered using your phone or tablet with the Sony app as a field monitor? The app allows you to move the focus point and view what your doing in a larger format. I’m not sure if that’s something that would fit your needs alone.
  8. The canon M is trash for a mirrorless camera. It does video well only because of the dual pixel AF. Other then that not worth it. I’ve owned the Sony a6000 and still own the a6300 and have used my buddy’s fuji xt2 a lot and if you want a great APSC and don’t plan on shooting fast moving objects the fuji is the way to go. Their lenses are better then what Sony has to offer and at least in the xt2 the film simulators are amazing. You can apply the look after to take the shot. Hell he can even edit photos in camera, which still blows my mind. The ergonomics are better then sonys for sure as well. The fuji feels like a really well thought out and complete camera. Now Sony, I absolutely love them and I’m a bit of a fanboy, but their lenses arnt that great all around for what you pay compared to fuji. They sent horrible but not totally their if you going to be investing a lot of money. Their lack of weather sealing is frustrating to no end. But they are smaller then the fuji and have better AF. They also have a larger selection of lenses if you consider the full frame lenses you can get which are of amazing quality. Honestly sonys got a deal going on for their full frames in the USA where you can pick up a Sony A7ii for 1k with a kit lens I think. I’d go for that. That way as you evolve you have access to better quality lenses and the body is better for portraits and landscapes then the other two cameras I menstioned. The a7 is cheaper I think it’s going for $700 or something now. Avoid that one!
  9. This gives me hope. I have a google onhub router and when I test it and check the speeds between it and my phone it said my speed is 235 mbps so maybe their is hope
  10. Maybe we can see if @LinusTech can do a video on it? I need the ultimate lazy way to edit my photos and be mobile in my house
  11. Interesting feedback. I’ve been doing the HDD thing and I back it up to another HDD with CCC, but these new MacBook Pros drive me nuts with dongles. Was hoping for a solution so I can lay in bed or move around and edit. When you back up your drive to the NAS do you move it all over in lightroom and then it clears the drive?
  12. So I wanted to see if anyone edits their photos off a NAS over WiFi? I am currently editing off an external HDD, but I want to see if anyone here has done the aforementioned approach and see what issues and limitations they have had.
  13. I’m in a very similar situation with my a6300, my plan is to sell and go for a7m3. The a7m2 has a poor autofocus so going from your current camera will be frustrating at times. Also what’s driving me to full frame is sonys lack of higher quality crop sensor lenses. Also I use to have a two camera setup and it turned out to be a waste for me. I never fully utilized both and as time goes on the value on sonys bodies drops, so I would only keep one. On top of that you have two camera with different sensor sizes so unless your doing sports or wildlife do you really need the crop sensor? Oh and the full frame Sony with 24-70 f4 is about th same as my a6300 and 18-105. The body is a bit bigger but the lens is smaller so really about the same.
  14. From what I’ve seen on the lens it’s good. It’s got a decent focus motor but I believe the focus ring is noisy when manual focusing. To overcome that I think you will need an external mic.