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  1. They're still better than crappy LCD especially in terms of motion clarity. The flexibility of res/Hz adjustment is neat.
  2. Well 980 Pro is much cheaper now for a Pro line since they switched to TLC his time. Who knows about Evo will they make it QLC eventually and QVO PLC haha.
  3. Possibly Viper then maybe. I prefer it due to symmetrical shape as claw/fingertip use. The other ones are more palm oriented.
  4. Hmm we'll have to see, though if so and for very low end SKUs I'd expect a different naming added.
  5. Weird title, I thought it's something like 500GB game or something. Either way, definitely SSDs will be getting utilized more and more. Even without I/O dedicated hardware optimizations, some games really benefit from it a lot. Stil, multi TB SSD is very expensive vs HDD still and games are getting huge too. The price for SSDs will definitely need to go down and down with increasing capacity along.
  6. Ahh of courses, safety btw, we just want to control over everything. It's also like purpose of encryption is there for reasons. But yeah I have nothing to hide, that's it I'm also removing all my door locks.
  7. Can't know all the details business wise regarding this, quite a lot of money. They're not that huge and loaded company and all good as long as it doesn't affect their CPU and GPU momentum and R&D obviously.
  8. Kinda shame though. We'll see how it goes from here. I'll still keep a eye one future OnePlus phones, definitely to wait until they do with full and flat display too. Maybe I could see a flagship one and mid-range one, same chip but differentiate with other specs like display, battery, charging, cameras, speakers. Akin to how Apple does.
  9. Funny my 1TB HDD is 929GB heh. But yeah I know what you're trying to say, it's just that it's unnecessary mess how it's calculated/shown in the end. It's not uniformed, some software or whatever calculate different and stuff. Say a game is for example 1TB it won't fit on the 1TB drive. I'm still surprised this carries onward and that they haven't changed this though. HDD manufacturers use power of 1000 while Windows uses power of 1024 so does RAM manufacturers no. So decimal vs binary system. It's just messy.
  10. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Though it's still scuffed in the end. The 'some of it goes towards formatting' is really not some, it's a big part. Would be great to have actual 1024GB usable space, not ~100GB less.
  11. It was always fairly annoying. When I have 1TB drive I want it to actually show 1TB and be usable as such. Or just increase the base capacity to counter this kind of measurements. I just feel robbed.
  12. Hmm yeah, may be unlucky also there are some that use cheaper variants. Though still that sounds rather quick to fail regardless. If you don't completely bash the switches all the time, it seems you're very unlucky. Many use Omron switches, I've had many mice with them none failed. Personally I love Huano switches more anyway that my mouse has.
  13. Yeah they're solid. I'm more of Sensei fan rather. Dependa shape you want and wired or wireless too.
  14. Well it is decade old. At least they'll still make stand alone one.
  15. Yeah same as aways, makes sense for more SKUs to come later. Binning and all.
  16. I just use something like cotton pads and alcohol.