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  1. okay so this i don't get why "won't" it happen? why would Corsair push out a product, listing mobo's that support the 5000 mhz ram with the same chipset, if it wouldn't work anyway? Then what's the point if they already have 4800 mhz ram?
  2. Okay I get what you're saying now. Though still I feel like if anyone would do it, it would be someone at LTT even if just to show the marginal improvement or the any use-cases that might take advantage of such performance OH and there's only like 5 mobo's that support it lol and they're all x570
  3. I'm referring to the performance of a RAM Disk, not just the frequency for general performance Load time comparisons to a variety of SSD's and what not.
  4. I recently found out that Corsair sells a 2x16 GB kit of 5000 MHz RAM and for some reason the one thing that came to my mind was "LTT should try to get as much of it onto a mobo and make the fastest RAM Disk ever just for the heck of it" Test any games or applications on it and see the performance, IMO it would be pretty sick.
  5. That was part of my question though. Like would it be possible to use a thunderbolt 3 cable as the SLI cable. But as another comment mentioned, the cable being too long might ruin the signal and the signal having to travel through all of chips in the laptop rather than a direct connection.
  6. So I just re-watched Linus' review on the Razer Blade Pro as I was helping my friend look for a new laptop and an idea/question came to my mind. Linus made a comment about Razer not supporting the Core on the Blade Pro because there's nothing really to upgrade to, but what about SLI? I'm not much of an Electrical Engineer but does anyone know if it would be possible to do that through the USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port? I didn't see anyone mention it in the comments of the video and the only thing I could find on the web was this topic of someone running external GPU's w/ Thunderbolt 2.
  7. I currently have an MSI R9 380. Gotta get me one of those 480's or 490's tho.
  8. Pairing up with Antec is awesome! My favorite item is the Kuhler 1250 Why? That 240mm rad tho.
  9. I have 3 My favorite feature would have to be the laser focus with Optical Image Stabilization (in case you didn't know ) and the slow motion recording of course. Next two would be the RAM and extremely thin bezel with one of if not the best usage of screen real estate. And thanks for the opportunity Linus!!