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  1. Solved! Was driver problem.. had to uninstall in safe mode
  2. Hi guys! I'm having trouble with my new GPU (R9 280x). Long story short. Last month I bought the GPU, but couldn't use it because I had a shitty PSU. So today I bought a new PSU (Antec High Current Gamer 750w) and I connected the new GPU. First boot is ok, used to have catalyst, so no big deal about drivers. But when I opened a game it crashed before it even started. Then I restarted the PC, but I couldn't boot past windows 8 logo. When Windows 8 user password screen should come, my screens starts blinking. I tried using the onboard gpu, and everything is fine. Tried uninstalling AMD drivers, but got same results. Don't know what else to try!
  3. I currently have a shitty CPU Athlon II X2 250 so it doesnt use much power consumption. I'm only using this PSU until I get a new one next month, can it hold on that much?
  4. Hey guys, I just bought a new GPU R9 280X and I connected it to a Sentey 450W Power Supply (very shitty). I had been using it the last couple of days underclocked without any problems. I also had connected both power pci express conectors (don't know if both are required, would like to know aswell). Problem is my PC just shutdown and won't turned on for a brief period of time (5 mins). I'm now using the onboard card. Can something go wrong if I reconnect the GPU?
  5. I really like the customness, god is that even a word? and the waterproofness. Looks like a great phone to me
  6. What I really like about this phone is the buttons on the back and the MASSIVE PPI