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  1. Oh man. Why don't we have such deals. That's almost a 81$ price difference to where i live
  2. Wait, shouldn't GSync eliminate Tearing? I noticed this as I randomly paused the video: Or does GSync only effect the viewing experience from a human eye? Or is this an effect caused by the camera?
  3. No. 1. It would have to be an expensive >=12-Core Xeon or Opteron (which is cheaper). Those PCs were free. 2. If you look (closely ) you can spot a Xeon Server beneath the PCs in the old lab. It's used to control and manage the cluster to this date. 3. All PCs consume about 1100W top. A Xeon Server using redundant PSUs would consume about the same.
  4. Yeah, the idea is (at least for the prototype) to use the existing crappy hardware we had as clients to the MADMAN.
  5. Hi! I want to fund the building of a prototype of an affordable and easy-to-use supercomputer for educational purposes. It will be used by schools and universities with little budget. The first prototype will be donated to my old school . You can find the build log of a pretty ghetto and very (!) small MADMAN here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/194504-madman-the-ultimate-ghetto-build/ Please take a look at the campaign preview, where you can find the story and further details: http://bit.ly/1uRbEva Comments and Feedback on the campaign itself would be appreciated
  6. In 2012 I worked at the local university as the supervisor and executive developer in a team project (bioinformatics). I developed several tools and one of them was used to create a cluster out of random x86 PCs. MADMAN is short for "Multiprocessor Asynchronous Data Migration and Analysis Network". The reason MADMAN was created in the first place, was that the government reduced our research funds by several thousand € . However, using MADMAN, the project was still a success . What you see in this thread is just a small MADMAN. The first one had >500 clients in it (approx. 1,6THz in total).
  7. A classic case of Samsung. It's good until you use it
  8. And not a single one of them works. <_<
  9. Its 110 for the police and 112 for ermergencies (ambulance, firefighters ...). However, if you'd dial 911 in Germany, you would be redirected to 110
  10. Good luck sending them to Germany
  11. Hi. A long time ago (~5 years), I made a cluster of PCs called "Ghetto Cluster". 12 old Windows-PCs featuring Intel P4s. It worked perfectly and I was very happy, but there was a problem. About one month ago I had to move out of my (big) lab ( ). The Ghetto Cluster takes very much space (PCs, cables, switches, screens etc.) and therefore a new solution had to be created. I've already posted a picture of the debug PC for the Cluster in the Ghetto Mods thread on TechPowerUp here, where you can see my old lab in the background. You can also spot a cart, on which the PC rests. My plan is: Build the whole Cluster INSIDE of the cart. So it will be portable and I can push it around. At the moment I came up with this idea, I didn't realize how insane it was ;-) 1. The old lab (Cleaning & Packing) So as I was playing around with some settings and cleaning the lab, I decided it was time to take a break and play some games on my phone, but appearently my phone didn't like me, so this happened: F* it. Back to work... Everything packed together: 2. The actual build I'm really sorry, but I don't have as many pictures as I'd like to. So i started working, disassembling the cart, disassembling all PCs. I've figured out that only 8 PCs are gonna fit in the cart. 1 PC = 1 MoBo+1PSU(stripped)+1HDD. I took all the internals and ziptied (yes, the whole thing is held together by zipties!) them into place. No srews were harmed during the process. I've drilled holes in the wooden boards as mounting points for the zipties. The first 4 PSUs were glued into place: Beautiful those zipties! It still looks quite clean, but that will change in a moment. Now it was time to add the remaining PSUs and do all the cable management (means: zipties). I've also added the 16port switch, all ethernet cables and the first HDDs. Note: This is not, by any means, a proper way to store HDDs. You should never ever do this with any valueable hardware! (unless you use enough zipties ). Time for some testing! Great, all HDDs and PCs are working fine, airflow is still kinda possible and the noise is reasonable. Time to add the debug screen. For this I'll use zipties again. That's right, I've ziptied a LCD monitor to this cart and fixated it by using old spare metal parts from the former PC cases. Beware of the ziptie monster: Instead of painting anything, I used black insulating tape: More improper HDD mounting (WD400 from 2002, 40GB): Three other metal PC case back parts and one spare metal HDD cage act as a place to keep the debug keyboard. Its covered in duct tape, because ... duct tape (no but seriously, those metal parts have sharp edges, the tape really helps there): By the way: Old PC speakers (Beepers) are perfect for storing srews: So far, so good: This is how the carts look atm: That's it for today. I'll come back from time to time to post updates about this build. If you have any questions, please leave them here. So long! ;-) PS: Thanks SAMSUNG for sending me this much gummy bears with every test unit that I get from you
  12. The compile we're developing is Perseus 5 ( http://perseus5.sourceforge.net/ ). Currently, it's a weird mix of BASIC, C and LUA. We're now at a point at which we need to decide a clear direction for this language. That was the intention behind this question
  13. I actually had a discussion with a colleague about this kind of syntax. We came to the conclusion, that it would be impossible using a normal language like english (or in our case, german). Instead, creating a human language interface with a pure logical language like Lojban would be a challenging, yet possible task. Sadly, no one speaks Lojban ^^ .
  14. This kind of commands are usually used in Engine Scripting Languages. I'm afraid this'll be too abstract for the compiled language we develop right now. By the way, why would moveThat Playermodel1 to Position -12,56 be an improvement over a simple function call like move(Player1, -12, 56) ? Or do you just wish for a human language interface in general?