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  1. One of the first members


    is gone

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    2. Max_Settings


      It's not like he was that active any way.

    3. LienusLateTips


      @Max_Settings but now he's completely gone

    4. Max_Settings


      He posted 19 times in 4 years, I'm sure he took breaks like this before.

  2. Tridanite

    THQ finished

    Didn't Ubisoft buy them?
  3. Tridanite

    PC Gaming <3

    @Prettyfinej @floppyprocessors plus I have heard that microsft and Sony are cutting out used games from their consoles because they don't get a return on the reselling of games which means everyone will have to buy a game at full which I feel will deter many from the console because that is very expensive. If only more people knew about how cheap games are on the PC it would be doing that much better but form me all of my friends for the most part have owned an xbox or ps3 maybe both but majority are on PC now the only ones that are left are those who only really play sports games like Fifa or NHL. I'd say in my circle that console is not very big but PC is greater.
  4. Tridanite


    I would totally get into dota but the camera (yeah I know I must really bad haha shush). Would you recommend champs for a beginner dota player?
  5. Tridanite

    Dual monitors affecting gaming performance?

    There is also a razor game monitor that includes a video recorder and screen shot taker as well as an optimization for gaming mode it puts your computer in. I got it today and its work very well. You can find it here www.razerzone.com/gamebooster
  6. Tridanite

    Networking on a grand scale

    Would the dependent computers be nodes? Because that is actually what I was also considering.
  7. Tridanite

    Networking on a grand scale

    Sounds awesome I'll look into it. Thanks!
  8. Tridanite

    Welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forum!

    Not first... :(
  9. Tridanite


    This should be in the CPU discussions :)
  10. Tridanite

    The right amount for the right job

    skullbringer I know that and I have looked up a lot of such psu for further info and well they have turned out to be not what people expected so I figured hey why not get advice from people who have used them first instead of going and finding one and then asking because that is tedious. There is a reason to the madness :P Thanks for all of the advice guys I will look into all of these. :)
  11. Tridanite

    Networking on a grand scale

    I'd like to build a render farm and was wondering if there was optimal way to get everything networked. So things like data connections, servers, OS does this have to be the same as that of the one on the host system when rendering AE compositions and what OS would be the best as I was thinking Linux because of its command which I can't remember the name of right now haha. Thanks for any advice!
  12. Tridanite


    It was a hyperbole fueled by a great day playing LoL Nexus (how was that Eric) and i will try out Lee sin as he is free this week thanks for the reply :) And yeah i was just bad I guess with Cho because he takes longer to re heal unlike warwick whom I am used to. I will try out those guys too thanks :) Was that because it became too easy Sazr? Didnt feel like quoting all of you don't mind my laziness.
  13. Tridanite

    Render Farm?

    Sorry it is for rendering.
  14. Tridanite

    AMD Upgrade or no point?

    I love this forum haha and I think I will do what both fcemilliano and smartz13 and The Man in that I will wait for my gpu overclock my current cpu and wait for the next gen to get that extra performance instead :) cheers and thanks! ANd thank you vanders for linking and taking the time much appreciated.
  15. Tridanite

    PC Gaming <3

    I come from the xbox community and when I first started out playing online it was with Battlfield Bad Company 2 and I played that game for hours hundreds of them. THen sure enough the MW2 days came along and the Black Ops but I have never bought such a game on sale and do they ever go on sale? And I mean a real sale not a trade in 3 games of such and such rip off value to get one. No i don't believe they have atleast not on console they haven't. On steam there are so many sales and I have bought way more games than I ever had on consoles and spent more but it was worth. So how can this beautiful thing called PC gaming be dying? Look at the last humble bundle sale 2.6 million dollars in revenu! The last one had more did i not? What about you guys have you not bought games on steam over the christmas/holiday sale? I did and I plan to buy more! So I guess my question is what do you guys think about the state of PC gaming? I know Linus has said time and time again that it is in fact dying but how pirating? That gets everybody from film to music even books (don't quote me on that). And if it is how do you think it should be fixed? Steam commercials?