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  1. I have tried this but even if i set the maximum to 20% so all cores do downclock but still my voltage doesn't. What you said make sense, but it doesn't seems to be the case for me. I must have a different issue than you. Glad im not the only one tho
  2. I have tried 1501 and it still doesn't drop the voltage. I was on 1403. I tried a bunch of setting and even if the only thing i changes is the 0 pstate the core voltage doesn't drop anymore. I was using the balanced power plan and i tried the ryzen power plan. The clock drops as it should with both, but the voltage doesn't drop.
  3. I tried this and it works fine.. but im having the same issue as randomlamer! The core voltage doesn't drop with the core clock. Anyone figure out what the issue was ?
  4. You need to put AI overclock tuner to manual to set a core ratio. But did you have the latest bios ?
  5. Do you have the latest bios ? Also you can try setting the cpu ratio to manual and see if that works
  6. looking at the top the max clock was 800mhz that is your problem
  7. Download HWmonitor and see what the max boost clock is during a benchmark. Maybe it is stuck at 800mhz ?
  8. How high does your cpu clock go ? That Physics Score of 1641 is extremely low. might be your cpu ... all though you did test another one
  9. Well my Crosshair 6 takes about 20 seconds to post so..
  10. Guess What Happened??

    Linus tweeted about a 6700k.. this build has a x99 motherboard
  11. AMD Polaris Giveaway

    I would use it in my living room game pc that has a 7950 atm
  12. Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    I would use it as a steam machine
  13. HHD failed! What should i buy ?

    Ok so a SSHD is useless if its not a bootdrive and seagate drives are rubbish... though i have to say a friend of mine has been running one as his main drive for years without problems, also my moms PC has one never had issues there either. I could go for a black WD but it cost 140 euro! Not sure if that is gonna be worth the extra cash and as Xenift mentioned i am afraid it is pretty loud. Though my raid 0 samsung drives are/were(RIP) pretty loud as well(my PC is surprisingly quiet now! ). The blue drive is 90 euro, 50 euro cheaper than the black... but it is only 5400 rpm and its not in stock https://www.alternate.nl/Western-Digital/Blue-2-TB-Harde-schijf/html/product/1231590?tk=7&lk=16781 @Kenji the Uke i would love too! But i don't think a 2TB ssd fits in my 100 euro budget