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  1. /roll I would build the most ballin'est media and streaming PC for my living room. Turn it into a NAS, install movie transcoding software, and maybe steam Big Picture. Also try to fit it in the smallest form-factor case i can find!
  2. I live on planet earth, do i qualify for this giveaway? I already own a zotac reference card and it is a beast. Also, 5 year warranty is unbeaten in the industry atm right?
  3. Can anybody recommend UK-based keycap replacement retailers for me? www.overclockers.co.uk have a fine selection of keycap replacement sets...if you own a Ducky.
  4. When i first found the channel LinusTechTips i genuinely believed it was a tech review channel by Linus Torvalds himself. "Awesome!" I thought. Then i was sorely disappointed to find out it was just some nerd with a love for tech. Still. the content quality was stellar and i stuck around for more videos. The build guides in particular are great and the breadth of products covered is quite amazing. Phones, monitors, ssds, tablets, slingshots (channel super fun). Never change please.
  5. My favourite part about the Z2 is the front facing speaker. I have an Asus Transformer Infinity and although i love the device as a whole, i hate hate HATE the rear, right-edge positioned, small crappy speaker. I know and understand the frustrations of crap speaker design on high-end devices. My favourite thing about dbrand would be the sheer selection of skins available for what seems to be every current device known to man.
  6. This video is responsible for me wanting to spend £350-£400 to get one of these cases shipped internationally for my new build. Damn you Jay! http://youtu.be/ktCxPOY0BfM?list=UUkWQ0gDrqOCarmUKmppD7GQ I bought an i7 920 and didn't know what its HT was actually for until this video. I've had very few use cases in 6 years that this CPU's HT actually kicked in. http://youtu.be/wnS50lJicXc?list=UU0vBXGSyV14uvJ4hECDOl0Q EDIT: Crap, the video embeds are crippling my chrome! Im converting to links only
  7. My favourite thing about the LG G3 has got to be its sex appeal. That is one sexy device!