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  1. MRleyer32

    Do you guys think the iPhone X is worth it?

  2. Can I use an ASUS router as a receiver / wifi adapter from wifi to cable with a Asus RT-N65U? So I want to use my main router for the wifi. Then connect the Asus RT-N65U as a wifi adapter, then connect 2 computers to the RT-N65U with cables. Is it possible to do this with stock firmware? Custom firmware etc? To make it clear. Main router -> RT-N65U -> 2 PC's (cable).
  3. MRleyer32

    What should I do? Sound card? DAC? Microphone + headphones.

    Thanks for your answer! I pmed you.
  4. Hey! Just sold my ASUS STRIX RAID PRO sound card because it made electrical noises when gaming and the drivers sucked. I have a Modmic 4 + Sennheiser HD8 DJ. I've been thinking about buying a new microphone for my youtube channel, probably a blue yeti. So I was wondering what you think the best solution would be. 1. Buy a blue yeti and power my headphones though it. + buy a cheapo $1 dollar sound card for my modmic to use while in discord, teamspeak etc. 2. Buy a sound card like the Sound BlasterX G5 Extern Ljudkort or ASUS Xonar U7 MKII and plug my modmic + headphones into it and skip the blue yeti for now. 3. ? What do you guys think I should do and what do you think about my product choices?
  5. MRleyer32


    I would like the Blade since I don't have a performance laptop but I do have a really good desktop. So I don't need the core.
  6. MRleyer32

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    It seems like a great product which would be quite useful at meetings or just a thing you can bring to your friends to watch some sports etc. Really nice that it can be that close to the wall.
  7. MRleyer32

    Gaming build as low as cheap as possible

    It's just for windows and a few programs. He choose the case I linked and it also got a window I've read really bad things about the ssd that you linked. Thanks for your imput though.
  8. MRleyer32

    Gaming build as low as cheap as possible

    Thanks for your reply, however I feel that you are cheaping out on important stuff such as power supply, storage. His budget changed so he's buying everything new instead from the beginning. Here is an updated list: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/qBnB6h
  9. MRleyer32

    Gaming build as low as cheap as possible

    I was just thinking that the cpu in the link would hold up longer. He doesn't change computer very often. So this will probably be his computer for like 6 years.
  10. Hello! Im helping my friend choose parts for a new computer due to his computer crashing like 3 times a day. I've looked at this: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/TTgjD3 Does this look any good? He wants to get the best performance/buck and prefers Nvidia. He already got 2x4GB dd3 that we will use, and he will use his old graphics card until he got more money. The 970 is probably what he will buy later. Does this build seem alright? Anything that I should change?
  11. MRleyer32

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Vessel: Leyer32 https://www.vessel.c...ideos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.c...ideos/JYZEYDYx0
  12. MRleyer32

    Forward a port on an ip to another port on the same ip?

    Nope Doesn't work.
  13. MRleyer32

    Forward a port on an ip to another port on the same ip?

    I tried this but it didn't work Thanks anyways. (It simply uses the standard port which is 27015 if you do that) I normally use a .bat file to run the server however I tested with a shortcut like you said.
  14. Hello! Im hosting multiple Garry's mod servers on a Windows server 2012 machine. I've seen multiple servers starting to do this: Thier server shows up as over 20 uniqe servers in the server list, but It's all the same server if you connect to it. As you can see on the right on the picture, they are using different ports but the same IP. Does anyone know how to do this? For you that don't know, Garry's mod is using the source engine. Kind regards Leyer32