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  1. n0b0d1

    Asus ux31a usb3 on win10

    So I am on my laptop and just noticed usb3 drivers are not existent on it, my usb speed is down to usb2 and there is nothing on the internet to save me Someone who maybe has any idea on how to get usb3 drivers for ux31a on win10? Is my only option through another OS? I had gotter really comfy with win10/wsl
  2. n0b0d1

    Antec Silent Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway

    The True Quiet Fans have amazing performance while maintaing very low noise. Which IS AWESOME!!
  3. It is stunning and it would make for a great upgrade to my aging 5850 for GPU acceleration running VMs for university and gaming when I am out of energy.
  4. I hope people of the Linus Media get to really be able to run a family on their wages as you do Linus. I am very happy to see my hobby realised as a full time job by some people like you. You add to my inspiration to finish my Computer Science studies and come to Canada.
  5. My favourite feature is the stock customizability of this phone.