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  1. You could also look to disable p and c states in the bios. This could help reduce micro stutter.
  2. Windows exploit protection affects this game. Disable it or add an exclusion and see if it helps. I would have this problem a lot when I playing Minecraft with my son but it was resolved with disabling Exploit protection. You need to reboot your pc after making the change. I ran it on both of my systems: 1950x 32gb ram Gtx 1080 m.2 drive & 1800x 32gb ram Rtx 2080 m.2 drive Both systems had issues with it until I disabled the feature.
  3. Every month their seems to be a patch that affects stuttering on Windows 10 over the last year or so. I've had a nightmare of issues with Windows 10 and stuttering for a year plus (disabling sysmain reduced it), disabling Global C states in the bios helped further and made things more responsive (AMD system) then disabling exploit protection features removed it completely and it now works as smoothly as Windows 8.1 ever did. I've had 3 cpu's in that time 5820k, 1800x and a 1950x. Also I had a 980ti, 1080 and 2080. The issue for me was never resolved after many wipes / reinstalls / upgrades until I completed the above. In total I completed all of these: Disable all Exploit Protection features bar DEP (You can just exclude the relevant app's that are affected if you are worried about the security of your system) Randomise memory allocations had the impact for me personally Add Anti-virus scanning exclusions Disable exclusive Full screen optimizations from .exe of the game (helped some users, not so much for me) Disable Gamebar Turn off hiberfile Turn off pagefiling (Fixed stuttering on one of the previous patches) Turn off power saving features (Disable Global C states for my AMD systems) Use high performance power mode in power options. Disable Superfetch Service AKA Sysmain Disable write caching on drives (do this in device manager) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management Disable SuperFetch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters EnablePrefetcher set from 3 to 0
  4. Which of the exploit protection features did you disable? Have you tried run hardware monitor or the likes to see what your system is doing when it stutters?
  5. Disable exploit protection features on your system and disable the sysmain service. Reboot and see if it resolves your issue. If this doesn't work, check your bios for power saving features. Try disable them and test again.
  6. I hope if I ever bother going to E3 it wont be as bad as that.
  7. I was at Defcon in Vegas last year and never had a single compliant in that regard. As it was 45 degrees in Vegas you would expect it to be worse.
  8. I went to Gamescom this year and I'm driving back in the car from it now. I found it really boring and poor overall mostly because of over crowding. Also the lack of hygiene on some of the people that attended was unreal, especially as they seemed to have no concept of personal boundaries. I've never been anywhere with so many people that smelled like they never got a shower in their life. If I go next year I will use press passes (company I work for develop software including some games related software so can get passes) as the amount of people seemed to be more manageable from looking at youtube videos from the first few days (you couldn't move on the Saturday as their where so many people). I had to go on Saturday this time as I wanted to bring my son, otherwise I would have went on one of the other days. Have others had a better, worse or similar experience?
  9. If you look what the op asked. He was looking for something along the lines of homegroups. He is not looking for anything more compliacated. Also I doubt he will be managing the likes of source code or jar files often enough to justify and ftp tool. Shared folders covers all the OP's requirements.
  10. Why not just create a shared folder on one of the systems? Would this not be an easier solution?
  11. When I'm ordering from them, I usually find myself ordering between these and overclockers. I've never had a single issue with scan. I ordered a gigabyte x570 Aorus extreme from them recently. Got it delivered to Germany by the next day.
  12. Review this and the Reddit link in the description. See if it helps.
  13. I would be curious what site that is your linking to as I can't find any information on it on AMD's site. It would be strange to remove it when the 2600 supports it. Amd says it works its just not offically supported which could be why that site says no: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/amd_confirms_that_ryzen_supports_ecc_memory/1
  14. It was not faulty ram, settings where manually configured and multiple types of ram were purchased / tested. If was only resolved by switching to ecc ram. One of my db servers would always crash within a month or so (A lot of data loaded to ram permanently (4 sql instances, an oracle dlp db and a couple mysql db's).