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  1. Open cmd prompt as admin Run: slmgr /ipk WMDGN-G9PQG-XVVXX-R3X43-63DFG Sometimes switching to kms mode will stop it not rebooting but you are still responsible for getting a license just to be clear. Also you shouldn't be using Datacenter license unless you need it as its very expensive, use standard.
  2. Check event viewer for event id 100 or 101 alerts. If you have these that's your issue. The wont be errors, the will be informational.
  3. You can give yourself 180 days grace by adding a trial license which should prevent it during this time.
  4. If it happens after an hour it could be a license issue. If their are issues with license on Windows Server it will shutdown after about an hour if the issue was from the beginning.
  5. I have a Dell R620 (1u version of the R720 with 2.5" drive slots). Once you don't add the upgraded 10gb dual nic's the system is usually pretty quiet (replacing the standard 4 * 1gb nics with the 2 * 10gb/ 2 * 1gb card increases the fan profile). When powering it up, It sounds like a jet engine until the bios fully loads though. This usually takes about 2 minutes but if its on 24/7 this is a non issue. If you have a closet to put it in or an attic, you should be fine and wont notice it. Me personally I run loads of VM's so a rack servers is always going to be a better option. That server would allow you to add 100's of gb's of ram to run as many vm's as you want. I run about 40 on mine without issue.
  6. I live about 1km away from a decent motorway, I wouldn't even know where the nearest track is.
  7. I do motorway driving with the car mostly so its very easy to do 250+ each time I'm out. I think the 289 is for the auto, they have slightly taller gears. Last dyno was 405 but I went from Apr to a Revo tune so it is probably down on that now as they are known as a safer tune. I have it scheduled to get a few more mods when corona lockdown ends. I wonder could you do the same with mk7 diesels gearbox's. I wouldn't know where to get it done custom but if could get it done, I might be interested in it.
  8. Yea, I just want to hit above 300. I have the car and only drive it once every 2 weeks or so, so try enjoy it when I do.
  9. I was wondering do any of you on here know if it would be possible to get a taller 5th and 6th gear in a Mk7 Golf R manual? I was out for a casual drive last Sunday and when I hit 280km/h (Speedo)/ 272km/h (GPS) my car ran out of gearing while I was on the motorway. I'd be hoping to get over 300 if this is possible before I look into an RS3 as a replacement?
  10. I've always just used a tool called Jellybean for getting the key: https://www.magicaljellybean.com/
  11. For anyone using Waterfox/Firefox to resolve this: open your browser, type in about:config into the search bar and press enter search for image.animation_mode, change the status of this from normal/default to once or none and it should prevent them on sites. I would have preferred to block them only on here but at least the site is usable without ad blocker now.
  12. The fact their is a blank above your name for me I'm guessing you have one of them