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    Dublin, Ireland and Hamburg Germany
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    Principal Security Engineer (Ethical Hacker)


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    X570 Gigabyte Aorus Extreme
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    128GB 3600MHZ DDR4 Patriot Ram
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    Watercooled Gtx 2080
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    Phantex Evolv X
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    1TB WD SN850, 2TB WD SN850
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    RM1000x Watt Corsair with cablemod cables
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    38" X38 Predator 21/9 Gsync Monitor
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    Custom Watercooling Loop
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    Logitech G610
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    Logitech G903 and Power play matt to charge it
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    Logitech G935 Wireless Headset
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Were the raids done on Saturday night? I was driving through Belgium on my way to Cherbourg in France and the Belgian police were all over the place and were checking every car but not related to covid as when they looked at my car they checked me and they were comparing me to something on their phone, when I didn't match it, they sped off just saying goodbye. This happened twice.
  2. I had a similar issue with Gigabyte Europe (Their offices are about 20 minutes drive from my home). They are a train wreck for the company. I ended up dealing with Gigabyte UK on the advice of overclockers.co.uk forums guys and that was the best thing I ever did. (Gigabyte europe, 3 months to respond, and at the end of it all, yea we cant help you go f yourself. Gigabyte UK responded the next day and went out of their way to solve my issue and as soon as they had the part, I had a replacement component the next day (I did have to send it to my uk address though)). After that experience I wont
  3. I will fit these this weekend to remove the awful GPU cables.
  4. The cablemod cables just arrived so I'm sorted on this front now :). Thanks for the advice.
  5. I have a spare AX1200 watt psu's that I keep in case anything happens my dublin rig and a spare 1600 watt silverstone psu. Both psu's have cables that I would still look to replace going into this rig. I haven't noticed any difference between my AX1200 and my RM1000X.
  6. Ah him, no that's not me. I'm living in Germany mostly myself now also. I watched him for a bit but unsubbed as he seems a big Amd fan boy and although their is a lot of bad Nvidia does and should be rightly complained about he always seemed to turn a positive into a negative to push Amd if I remember correctly (I could be remembering wrong as I unsubbed a while ago).
  7. Who? No I work in IT field but nothing to do with youtube.
  8. I never guessed to try other stores. I've just found them on Caseking and placed the order. I've done about 10 orders from them this month so I should have tried them first rather than cablemods site.
  9. I was hoping someone could point me to a decent set of modded cables in europe for this psu? I tried buy cable mod cables but they are out of stock on their website. I'm just looking for black cables with a good quality braid on them.
  10. Part arrived to finish the motherboard again:
  11. This ram doesn't work well with Ryzen cpu's. I have similar ram but in a 64gb kit and could only get it running at 3200mhz. Manually setting the same timing, volts and dropped it down to 3200mhz worked for me.
  12. Added only a few of the new fittings but I wanted to tidy it as much as I could. As you can see from the fittings I'm still waiting on the heatsink to arrive from my UK place.
  13. That looks like it got a smack or someone picked it up by their and placed a finger nail on it?
  14. Some more Bitspower fittings arrived today so I will tidy up the loop on the weekend. I think I ordered too many but I should have enough for my next system.
  15. Fitted the new Cpu waterblock, changed the loop order, added the ram but removed 64gb of it trying to get it to run 3600mhz, Gave up when couldn't get it over 3200. Added the Elgato capture card. I need to order a few more fittings to get the loop how I want it then finally get custom cables. I will hopefully have the M.2 heatsink posted to me tomorrow.