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    Intel i9 9900k
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    ASUS Z390-E Strix
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB 3200 CL16
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    ASUS RTX 2080 Ti Strix
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    Phanteks Evolv-X
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    Samsung Evo 970 Plus 1Tb
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    Schiit Asgard 3
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    Audioengine A2+

    Blue Yeti Nano
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    A random Macbook. Yes, YES!, GET OUTTA HERE.

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  1. Unless people here have listened to them, it's hard to take their words on the subject. Yesterday I've been to a couple of audio stores in Toronto to demo some cans I'm interested in buying. I auditioned the Meze Empyrean in the middle just for curiosity, since I don't have the cash to burn, and although I thought it would be the greatest thing ever, turned out not to be. Not for me at least. The focal clear that I also thought I might somewhat enjoy was kind of a middle ground. I expected more out of it really. The Audeze LCD2C had something a bit weird going on for female voices. Harshness? Glare? Don't know really. I need way more time with the pair to be sure. The LCDX reminded me a lot of my HD6XX, and I quite enjoy that. Couldn't find any fault for what it tries to be. The most neutral out of the bunch, and maybe the one I might end up with depending on the kind of deal I can strike with my dealer. I still haven't heard the last revision of the LCD2 Fazor with shedua wood though, and I kind of have higher hopes for this one as well. Will see if I can find one this week to audition. Long story short: Try the cans first. There's no other way, especially on something crazy expensive like the LCD24. If you can't find it anywhere, Audeze accepts returns within 30 days, so there's that.
  2. I'd consider the SMSL M100 (which I own), or the Topping D10. I don't own a dac with MQA capabilities, so I'll refrain from saying anything on the matter until I can experience and decide for myself if it's worth it or not (I'm guessing it's not).
  3. I use manual instead of adaptive (where the voltage goes up and down depending on clock speed) because of higher stability. It also avoid spikes. If you use your pc all day long every day, in about 2 years of usage you start seeing cpu degradation at about 1.3v to 1.35v, where to keep up the clock speed higher voltage becomes a requirement. Take a look at a few YouTube videos. There's a bunch of people teaching you to manually overclock Intel cpus on Asus boards. Others may disagree, but auto overclock is never good based on my own experience, even with recent gear.
  4. For the 9700k you are fine up to 1.4v I'd say. I manually set my 9900k at 1.26 or 1.27v if I remember well. I particularly don't like going beyond 1.3v, but again, it's still safe. The higher the voltage, the faster the degradation, and the higher the voltage needs to be set to keep it running at set clock speeds. 0.97 is handling only its base clock, not boost.
  5. Do not try doing anything with that card again. It's like asking to get yourself burned (in all possible meanings). If it was me, I'd get a new card from Amazon and if nothing goes wrong it means the motherboard is safe. If it goes wrong, return the card, switch motherboard and gpu. PS.: memory ram is installed wrong. You should have 1 slot ram, 1 slot free, 1 slot ram, 1 slot free, or it won't run in dual channel.
  6. I'd avoid reference designs not because of the design, but not as good cooling. Reference designs look great though...
  7. More than 5 years ago, I used to have a Asus Xonar Essence STX on my PC. That was an excellent sound card really, and it's still somewhere in one of my cabinets, hidden among my stuff. I then bought at the end of 2014 a Sennheiser HD700 and upgraded my PC as well. I remember until today that when I tried running the HD700 from the STX, and then compared it running straight from the Asus Maximus VII Gene, the difference was WAY BEYOND night and day. The sound from the motherboard was total trash, for a lack of better (or worse) word. All the qualities of the headphone were lost (and there weren't that many to start with). Once I moved to my first external amp, I noticed differences between a couple headphones being driven from the amp and the STX, but on the HD700 the sound was curiously the same. Technically, the VII Gene mobo should had been able to drive the headphones, but it simply couldn't. That was no sound coloration, it was just a massive lack of power, power that according to the specs, the board had. What would you call that, if not not being able to drive the headphones properly?
  8. Once more, all amps I have suggested will do the job. It's hard talking value when audio gear is concerned. Linear amplifiers spit out exactly what they eat, just amplified. In easy terms, whatever signal is coming from your source and feeding the linear amp will be exactly what you'll hear without any coloration, times the gain selected + knob position on the volume pot. If your music sends "this much bass into this specific frequency spot", that's what you get. No less, no more.
  9. Let me put it this way then; to my ears, not enough power normally makes the music sound very thin, with a narrower soundstage.
  10. Only if you assume the amp only increases the sound signal. There's more to it.
  11. So our hearing is different. It's as simple as that. If I'm not sure about sound changes, I count it as placebo. If differences are clear to me, then there's nothing that will change my mind.
  12. You haven't tried much gear out there. If you did, our hearing is vastly different. Your math will give you a general idea of what to expect.
  13. I'm high and confused the thread's I've been answering to...
  14. What you need may not be what he does. He's been asking for $500 headphones. What kind of gear are you using? Without any information it is hard to say anything.