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    ASUS Z390-E Strix
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  1. Maybe the Audioengine A2+. Not sure how the go for in Europe. You won't find anything worth buying at your budget, unless you get used.
  2. Why not take the time and write a book out of it, something like what Paul McGowan did? You can capitalize on your experience, which would be more than fair.
  3. Well, it's always good to hear from your experience. I'm not fortunate enough to have gone through so many loudspeakers, so a lot of my knowledge comes from the few systems I've heard, my limited options at hand right now, and a lot of personal studying. Online, the consensus among people working at studios seemed to point towards the EVE. That said... having someone here at the forum like you is awesome, especially considering your willingness to share first hand experience with low-end to (real)high-end stuff.
  4. @KarppilaI doubt you're still following this thread, but if you are, ignore what I said above. EVE SC205 might be a better option. @Derkolihas probably heard them all and could give a better opinion on the matter.
  5. Fast paced games and Bluetooth headphones are not words that go together in 2021.
  6. I don't know about pricing where you leave, but would the Adam A5X be way out of budget? I'm moving to the west coast within a few days, and since my sound system will go from the PC to the living room, I'm now looking at the Adam A5X and RME Adi-2 FS for the PC.
  7. I have a Sonos Arc connected to a Samsung Q80DT model via eARC HDMI, and an RTX 2080Ti connected to it through HDMI. I normally just need to go into the sound settings and change the sound output to the TV, as the soundbar is recognized as being the actual TV speakers due to how ARC connections work. Sometimes, when I switch image from my monitor to my TV, I need to close the browser and anything else capable of outputting sound signal, and then open the sound settings and select the TV again. But I have no problems beyond that.
  8. The Onyx didn't exist back then. In the list the Schiit Modi 2 works. I tried the Bifrost 2 and nothing, probably because of Schiit's new proprietary usb Unison implementation.
  9. Has anyone tried to connect the THX Onyx from Razer with the Nintendo Switch dock by any chance? I asked Razer directly and they don't know... I've tried two DACs on it and nothing. I only get audio out of the analog jack, which as you may expect, sucks. I also ended up trading the Switch I had for the new upcoming OLED model due to a good trade in offer from EB Games, but I'm not keeping my hopes up for the new dock. I'm also Switchless for three months, just when had started to get on the Pokemon Unite bandwagon.
  10. If your mic will be connected via USB, all you have to do is select the right input on Windows like in the picture I've previously sent. It should work. If turning down the volume on the G6 changes the volume on Windows, don't worry about it. The G6 works somewhat the same as a dedicated sound card connected to PCI-e slots. In light of this, you can change the volume on Windows, but keep the Spotify volume at 100%. Later, compare a few songs to FLAC versions (lossless) of the same recordings and check if you can easily hear the differences. If you can and you care about
  11. The G6 has a mic input, so you should use that if possible. Otherwise I think you can simply go on Windows Sound Settings and select the G6 for output and whatever mic you plug to the motherboard on the input. Don't lower down the volume on software (like Spotify and Windows). By doing that you are actually lowering the quality of the music (bitrate) you are outputting to the G6. Volume control should be done directly on the G6, with Spotify and Windows at 100%. I use Roon with Tidal and I have the option to force max volume at all times exactly to avoid this situation
  12. That's not that big of a problem really. I do UX design on a X34P Predator all day long and I'm ok with it. I think colour accuracy is much more important than having the screen flat. What graphics card do you use? if Nvidia, you might wanna get something with a Ultimate G-Sync module, 120hz or higher, 3440x1440 or higher, true 10 bit, and decent brightness for HDR content. IPS panels will give you a bit of a glow on the edges during dark scenes but very good angles, VA will give you good contrast. I'm personally waiting for a mini LED ultrawide from Asus. They've released one t
  13. I don't know about the performance of the G6, but my experience with gamer oriented gear or stuff from Chinese brands is awful, so I'm biased against it. I have zero issues against building products in China actually (conceived normally in other parts of the planet), my issue is with Chinese brands targeting measurebators and messing up the circuitry because of that. By the way, Beyer headphones are normally very analytical, with a treble than can easily create hearing fatigue if not paired with the right amp (and even then...), so I normally gravitate towards Sennheiser headphones on the lowe
  14. May I suggest that you go with an external mic like the Blue Yeti Nano? Also, with headphones that are served in different impedances, normally the higher the impedance, the better it is. You gotta also check the headphone sensitivity, which seems to be 96dB/mW with the DT770 Pro, which is sort of a middle ground. Don't expect any miracles from the G6 (nor from any audio product targeted at gamers). Any cheap garbage nowadays get headphones to sound loud enough, but it won't sound nearly as good as it should.
  15. I control the lights of my motherboard and 2080 Ti (both Asus Strix) through Corsair iCUE software. Maybe you could give it a go? It allows me to manage almost all my RGB stuff (Corsair LL Fans, Corsair water pump, Corsair RAM, Strix mobo, and Strix graphics card). Don't go taking the card apart and messing up your warranty. Definitely not worth it.