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  • Birthday 1995-07-15

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    Drummy #0787
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    Puerto Rico
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    computer enthusiast, pc builder, pc repairer in training. gamer and musician concentrated on percussion.
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    Student at Interamerican University in Puerto Rico, on my way to get a bachelor degree on Computer Science and probably a minor on PC Repairing. church musician and a guy to have a laugh with. In my spare time i play around either PC or console, whichever scratches my fancy.
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    Storage - Inventory Control


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    Intel 2600-K @4.6Ghz
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    Asus P8z77-v-lk
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    16 GB @ 1333Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus Gtx 1070 ROG
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    NCXT 440H Mid tower
  • Storage
    Pny cs1311 120Gb , 3TB multiple drives
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 RGB
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    Redragon: Kumara Mechanical Keyboard
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    Redragon Nemeanlion 3000 DPI
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    Hyper X 7.1 USB + 3.5mm
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. Drummerforlife

    help needed for autohotkey for workflow

    This worked amazingly well, thank you, Tho would it be possible to add one extra step at the end for another input, a combined press of Ctrl Shift and F8 (Ctrl+Shift+F8) or would AHK not be able to do it?
  2. Drummerforlife

    help needed for autohotkey for workflow

    Morning guys, I've been meaning to try and implement hotkeys for my work. I'm working in warehouse inventory and I'm looking at options to reduce the amount of movements needed to do task while logging in the work. What I have in my mind is the following. hotkey ctrl + Numpad 1 = (key press backspace, arrow key up, enter, F8) Due to lack of time I cant sit down to give it a try on my own and which is why I'm asking for help here. thanks for those willing to give this a go. if I'm missing any info needed let me know I'll try my best to reply on a short notice
  3. Drummerforlife

    What's the name of the Safe online "wallet" ?

    YES thats the one. LOL thank you, and yeah I thought it was too good to be true on the untraceable. Regardless, thanks for the help!
  4. Drummerforlife

    What's the name of the Safe online "wallet" ?

    The purpose of it is to use it either with a card or paypal to add balance to it (consider it as a middle man ? LOL ) thing is I wanna use my paypal credit but i cant use that for amazon
  5. Hello LTT forums. I recently had the awful experience of losing my dear pc due to a BSOD after a match in bf5. But to cut the story short (I'll prob make another post about that sometime later) I already know what i need to buy to upgrade my current PC and i remember an ad either in the LTT YT or some other tech youtuber (Prob J2C or Kyle) where they had an ad for this "Digital wallet" where you'd give it a set amount of money for online transactions where it's untracesable or so on and forth, I dont remember exactly what it all did, all I remember is that it was meant to avoid giving your bank/credit card info to online stores and such. Would highly appreciate if someone knew the name of said product. Thanks and merry early early new year !!!
  6. Straight to the problem, i have a i5 7400, cooling it a hyper 212 evo, with a MSI B150 mate motherboard with a single 8gig stick of ram from "glowy" I've done a pretty large number of custom PC's on my own already, so I know the basics and do's and dont. I already checked the CPU pins if there were to be bent (which not) , correct layout for the RAM to be (manual suggest the second dim from the manual if its one stick and first boot) and the possibility of the CPU cooler to be too tight or not working as intended, to which i already took it out twice, cleaned and reapplied a pea size of Thermal paste and tighten the screws as neccesary (last try i did not as hard as usual to mark off "cooler tightness issue" out of the equasion. every time i try to boot into bios to know if it'll boot, it turns on the cpu fam, case fan with led's and the DRAM light, but only for a few seconds then it turns off and nothing afterwards. Unfortunately i dont have a speaker to connect dirrectly to the motherboard for a beeping error code to work with. any tips, possibility of what the issue may be, RMA component, etc.
  7. Drummerforlife

    Battlefield 1 ping spike problem

    Try running an ethernet cable to your computer, it may fix the issue as it may not. I ran 200ft of ethernet cable up to my room and i get full advantage of my internet and lag spikes are now more related due to server distance and ISP or Server high usage. If the problem persist, it may be a problem with the game files. maybe a complete re install will fix it
  8. Drummerforlife

    Post your most embarrassing School Moment

    when I was in middle school, I used to fall asleep anywhere, and so I did one day.... while standing up.... in a scholl presentation for parents... while I was up front. what makes it rather embarrasing for me is that I use to be scared of birds back then and someone woke me up while sounding like a pidgeon. I screamed and ran the hell out. thankfully I was leaving that week to another school, still brings me nightmares
  9. Drummerforlife

    Help to change my MotoG 2014 edition

    and where can I find this?
  10. So I have a Moto G 2014 edition for quite a while, I unlocked the bootloader and the rooted it. Ive been wanting to change it for a while now but dont know how to or to what. I'm looking for suggestions and safe ones
  11. Drummerforlife

    looking for help finding whats dead on a HP Pavilion a6130n

    Found the source of the problem. Some minor dust bits on the RAM slots, some new CPU thermal paste and it seem to have worked, tho the HDD via Sata3 was giving me issues unitl one night it just down right didn't work. Non of its 5 Sata3 ports for some reason, and the Bios doesn't even remotely detects them. going old style with some PATA drives I had laying around. any way to make the board detect them again or are they just dead?
  12. Drummerforlife

    looking for help finding whats dead on a HP Pavilion a6130n

    Not my problem since it'd not my PC. But I was sent to fix it. On a side note it just turned on like nothing.... I just cleaned the ram slots and the ram themselves and that was it. Weird. Still.
  13. Drummerforlife

    looking for help finding whats dead on a HP Pavilion a6130n

    this is after troubleshooting I did. got in contact with an HP employee yesterday and I unplugged everything except the power and did pressed f10 to try and access the BIOS but failed. I have them on right now and still no change so yeah
  14. hi, I got sent from a friend's dad to see if I could fix some PC he owned. He told me from some time it just wound't display anything. he changed monitors and still nothing. I brought it home and cleaned the little dust it had and gave it a look, it looks fine, but it is as he told me, neither VGA, DVI or HDMI it wouldn't display any image. I up to now have changed everything with the exception of the CPU, and the chipset. any suggestions on what may be wrong? NOTE: what I did notice on my searches on google it appears that most of this models suddenly die after 2-3 years. some from CPU, some the same problem as me. Thanks in advance. Pieces CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ @ 2.6 Ghz Chipset: GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 RAM: Samsung 1 (x2) GB @ 555mhz, & 512 (x2) MB @ 555mhz (3GB total) HDD: Samsung 500 GB drive @ 7200 RPM with 16MB of cache MOBO:GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H
  15. Drummerforlife

    looking for feedback and suggestions for church setup

    hmm... will think about it