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  1. Should I look into some of the smaller cards from sapphire or look at some of the older cards like the small asus 670. I'm looking to play games like Dota, WoW, and maybe TF2 or KSP, so older cards that can get about medium settings out of these games would be fine.
  2. Hi, I am looking for a gaming PC for cheap that can play games like Dota 2, Robocraft, Borderlands 2, Hearthstone and WoW. Budget: Under $450-ish, Going to be saving so I dont know how much I might be able to get Things needed for a Desktop: Monitor Case: Small, nothing bigger than a Prodigy I'd say. Thanks, Samuroot1987
  3. Non Techies? like the DOTA Hero? Yes, No? ( I know, just had to make the joke.)
  4. A few days after it should have been shipped, I find that they cancelled my order. -.-
  5. Just ordered a pair of Func HS-260's
  6. http://us.akg.com/akg-product-detail_us/k-142-hd.html These any good?
  7. Hey all, I was looking to get a new pair of headphones for Christmas, but I couldn't find the pair that I wanted in stores (Grado SR60E's) and was about to order a pair knowing that they wouldent get here in time, to find that they were Out of Stock so now I'm looking to find a pair to order sometime soon under $80 and thought I'd ask mall of you. Over ear prefered, no mic, open or closed doesent matter. Thanks, Samuroot1987 EDIT: No audio Technica please
  8. I'm looking for a good headset to ask for for Christmas, and am looking for some advice. I looking for something that wont break the bank but still sounds good. Rules 1. No Razer. 2. Over Ear 3. no mic needed, might get modmic. 4. Under $100 Thanks! Samuroot1987
  9. What switches are with the kits?
  10. I was about to post about this keyboard. Not sure that I would want to completely switch to this style of keyboard. My idea would be to try and just get the left hand of this and make a DIY Gaming Pad thing. doubt it would work but at the moment its a dream.
  11. And the kit doesn't have clears.
  12. I would but I just think that they would be too light.