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  1. I'm from Athens, Greece.
  2. Hiho, everyone! So, I'll be flying from Europe with my microATX system and I'd like to avoid also having to bring my own monitor for BYOC. Worst case scenario I'll just buy a cheapo used one in Vancouver, but I'm looking for a better solution. I've seen several posts of people saying they'll just bring one monitor due to desk space. Is there anyone willing to lend or even rent to me their second monitor for the weekend? We could arrange to sit nearby in the upcoming seat selection, if that would ease your mind. This will be my first lan party ever (and of course LTX); I'm so excited! It will also be my first time outside Europe, so I'll spend about 2-3 weeks in Canada. I'll probably take the train to Prince George and enjoy the scenery. Does anyone know if there are safe lockers at the train station or somewhere, so I could travel a bit lighter? Last question (pinky promise): Which carrier has good coverage suitable for my trip? Any sane plans? I'm only interested for data. PS: I'll be bringing plenty of Pokemon, especially from Go Fest Dortmund. Hit me up, if you also play PoGO and want to trade.
  3. Phew...Better late than never... I hope you'll get it
  4. YiamiYo https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl
  5. You're cheap Mr. Linus... or maybe it's just that Logan set our expectations a bit too high
  6. Beyerdynamic DT990 it is! I better find more money soon, cause it's like the 3rd time my whole right earphone comes off and it looks kinda bad this time...I don't know how much this tape will last Thanks all! Thanks Mogwai!
  7. So I guess "good" and "wireless" don't like each other. After some research, I'm stuck between AKG K240 Studio/MKII and Beyerdynamic DT770/990 250ohms. It seems the K240's Studio is the same as MKII without the extras. Can anyone confirm that? It's a big difference in price for just that. Again, my primary goal is comfort. I'll use them for pretty much anything... (Music, movies, games and a bit of noob audio editing/mixing) My setup is onboard Realtek ALC889 audio and a pair of YST-M15's. It says "Output Impedance: 900 ohms", so I guess they could drive any of these? Or maybe a better question would be which ones make Linus sound better?
  8. I don't really like wireless either, I just though I'd try it since it's very convenient and I would finally stop tripping on the cord
  9. Oh, I forgot to mention I wear glasses. Just something to keep in mind, if you happen to know your suggestion isn't quite comfortable with glasses.
  10. Too high impedance I think. My amplifier is an old pair of Yamaha YST-M15 speakers These look promising. No idea why I skipped them earlier. Reviews are good. Btw, what's the difference between Studio and MK II?
  11. I live in Greece so shipping and imports from US are kind of any deal breaker. They cost around 145 euros locally which is about $195.