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  1. So basically I am asking, could an internal SSD be used as an external storage with converting case(or however that is called), without any drivers just as plug and play solution?? If yes, what are the pros and cons of using it over a dedicated external drive?
  2. Thanks man I kinda got to where I wanted to. This helps I'll try to do fiddle with it a bit more over the summer. Yeah...I forgot to mention, but you were on the right track. It is supposed to be a infinite runner not jumper(;
  3. Hello, I am programming a game for a school project. I have just dove in to the C# and Unity. My problem is transfering score(basically players position) from the level scene to the menu. So far I got this. Be aware that I am very unfamiliar with C# commands and its syntax. using UnityEngine; public static class StaticScrScr : MonoBehaviour { private static int score; public static int Scoreset(sc) ## not sure how to properly call this method { set this se as well as get seem out of place but its what I found on the internet. I assume that it is just a general code explanation but I don't know what am I supposed to put instead of them. { score = sc; } } public static int Scoreget() { get ## this se as well as get seem out of place but its what I found on the internet. I assume that it is just a general code explanation but I don't know what am I supposed to put instead of them. { return score; } } } This is my static script its where I save score value. using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class Score : MonoBehaviour { public Transform player; public Text scoretxt; private float poz; // Update is called once per frame void Update () { poz = player.position.z.ToString("0"); scoretxt.text = poz; StaticScrScr.Scoreset(poz); } } This i my score script where I update score on game scene in real time and I save it to the static script using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; public class updatingscore : MonoBehaviour { public Text scoretxt; void Start () { scoretxt.text = StaticScrScr.Scoreget(); } } This is a script that I atached to the text on game menu that should draw the score value from static script and change text whenever the menu is loaded. In my High school we are programming in python but this is for my final Assigment. So I am aware of how some things in coding work but am very unfamiliar with both C# and unity.
  4. I'll try to make it quick Firstly I wasn't sure if I want RGB or not So it was between Cm storm quickfire rapid i vs Corsair vengeance k70 Then I've seen the strafe and figured k70 is not worth the difference in money(which where I live is around 60$) Then it was corsair strafe RGB or cm storm quickfire rapid i But recently the gskill ripjaws km780 became available so now I don't know(even more??) pricing goes rapid i<strafe<km780 Anyone who has experience with any of these keyboards, can you tell me what do you think about them? And, I am pretty sure I want brown switches but as I never had mechanical keyboard before, experiences with that too would be helpful(:
  5. Quantzer https://www.vessel.com/videos/P7U9FOT4G https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 Even if I don't win thanks for 36$ LinusMediaGrioup:D
  6. Firstly, Thank you! Secondly, not clips bruh, I want to cut them but after that I still want them to remain in mp3 format.
  7. Long story short I need a software that I can cut down music files with. I want to cut them like video and nothing else matters to me. Would you be so nice to reccomend me few?
  8. I said I got them recently... Any other thoughts?
  9. Sooo...I got my akg k7xx recently and was quite pleased with them. But then one day out of curiosity I took off ear cushions and noticed a little dent on diaphragm of the left driver. It isn't big but I am a little worried about how does that affect sound quality. Conclusion is does a dent affect sound quality? Sorry for picture quality but dent can be seen.
  10. Sorry but I'll be a bit asshole-ish... Cord is not spelled with h... :D:D
  11. If you are getting them for portable use you should know that they are open....So...That means everyone is going to hear what you hear and you are going to hear a lot of outside noises...Just sayin'
  12. I think someone said that there is going to be another 2000 batch on massdrop if needed(6000 total)
  13. Quantzer

    Ostry KC06A

    Mine pair from j last drop just came in today. From a little bit of listening that I did I can tell you I am very pleased with comfort. As for sound quality it is nice and better than my previous pair but I did not manage to listen to them in on my PC( I used my mobile phone and mp3 files,so yeeeeeeeaaah...)