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  1. My pc is running almost 24/7 because it's running plex for my family so idle temps kind of matter, performance honestly is fine just looking to decrease temps and I was thinking that more efficient parts would help with that as ventilation cannot be improved. At load gpu runs around mid to high 80s cpu probs peaks around 65-70 at load, If I do go with the new build I will still be using the same storage and psu.
  2. So I am currently running on a i7 930 with a hd 7970. As you can tell the computer runs really hot due to the power it requires. I wondering if upgrading my computer to more efficient components would help with the heat. My cpu currently idles at 50 degrees and my gpu idles at around 40 degrees, both components are currently stock or underclocked. Planned build: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/gNgxHN
  3. Favourite thing about the z2 is the micro sd port and dBrand are awesome because their skins are made so well.
  4. I always like to see brushed aluminum exteriors.
  5. The best thing about the ONE series is dat sexy unibody
  6. Well I was looking into DACs and I saw this little thing, on headfi it seems well regarded as a cheap dac that performs similar to the oDac as it uses the same chip, yes I know that doesn't mean it will perform the same. But I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it before. Here is a link to some headfi reviews http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifimediy-sabre-usb-dac
  7. I've heard that the M-100 is extremely good for music with a bass preference, plus they look really nice. Since your budget seems to be $200 or more since the M-100 cost a bit maybe look at the SRH840, if you try the 440 in a store it will not sound its best as most people would recommend using 840 pads on it. I was able to find a store near my house that had the srh440m, 840, the m50, as well as some other nice headphones and I do not regret buying the 840. You may also want to look at the dt770 as it seems people really like it as well for music with a bass preference.
  8. flare4000

    Modmic for HD380 Pro

    http://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?item_id=007166 Amazon is not always the cheapest in Canada
  9. +1 for the shures, don't go for the 380 or 280 pro unless you want really flat, neutral headphones. If you can get a amp with a pair of bt770 that would be pretty good as well. Also the v-moda m80 and m100 might be you cup of tea although they might be out of your price range.
  10. I second the srh440 with 840 pads or the srh840 if you are willing to pay more they are on sale for $164 on ncix I currently have them. I tried the m50 at my local music store I didn't like the bass it was slightly tight but there was too much. If you live in Ontario there might a long-mcquade music store near you, they will allow you to return your headphones if you don't like it plus they priced match with ncix. At the store near my home they had a really nice demo with headphones from audio-techinicas, shures, and akg. And what is your music preference? Currently people are just listing headphones but since we don't know your preference these might all be bad headphones to your ear.
  11. But do they have a nice warm sound?
  12. Well holy buttocks the v-moda crossfade lp is only $79.99 now but how do they sound?
  13. When it comes to open and closed my xb500 leak quiet and I can hear my very loud asian family so... ya how bad could going open be? But ya I know the Grados are bad for portable use since they really leak.
  14. I don't mind open but the price of grados are over $150 not the usual $100 over there in America.