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  1. shujin

    1000$ general purpose build

    https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/yTCLGf Here's my update for current metagame. Thx for the feedback ^^
  2. So I'm un Canada and building for a friend the purpose of the machine is light to medium gaming and general purpose (so school and watching YouTube) Here's the current build : https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/QHRpTH You're free to recommend me changes ^^
  3. would want that sweet keyboard simply because you never have enough keyboard
  4. is it a sponsored review or is it your opinion ? also really free server that's awsome, if I can convince enough friend to switch to it I'll deffinitly try it ^^. Thanks for your review, great read
  5. shujin

    looking for a laptop (LfL)

    cheapest is the bestest
  6. yo guys looking for a laptop purpose is browsing the web and netflixing and chilling. doyou have any suggestion looking for bang for the buck only edit: like 250-300 buck edit2: canadian buck so it's more like 12-13 real buck
  7. thanks that's actually what I wanted to post but I was on my phone so I didn't post the pic
  8. shujin

    Das Keyboard 4 Professional Review

    actually they are not fine if it doesn't come with a text version read: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/505597-posting-guidelines-please-read-before-posting/ edit: anyway I just say that cause I cannot play those video when I'm at work but I would be happy to be able to read a text version ^^
  9. if you have a hdmi cable plug hdmi into hdmi if you have dvi cable plug dvi into dvi if you have vga cable plug vga into vga. Well you understand that it's pretty basic
  10. shujin

    $350 Build Pc Build for MOBA Games

    Wrong section hope you find a good answer tho
  11. Hate to be that guy but, wrong section
  12. tie wrap + noctua fan. No but for real you don't need to change it
  13. I have a lot of experience with getho silent build but not legit one so I'll need to adapt haha
  14. pump will make noise still. we'll maybe go 212 Evo with Noctua fan and set it to low rpm