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  1. Ocing (cpu)voids warranty though right? Most of us have oced a CPU before so I mean there's that
  2. Last night I found my cat on the side of the road, i just got done burying him in the back part of our property. His name was simba and some of the things he did were unusual like climbing onto the roof and taking naps up there and biting my moms face in the morning because he was hungry and getting on my 750D because it was dinner time Ill miss him. sorry to post a saddening topic.
  3. i agree, i also see that religion has caused a ton of blood shed just because someone doesn't believe in the right god...just examine history, and ill leave you with WHY CANT WE ALL BE FRIENDS tbh I'm atheist
  4. Um... Have you seen jayztwocents YouTube channel?? Hes like 40 and still playing games
  5. I don't think 145 F would be too hard to reach for a graphics card and actually its 62.3 celcius I just did the math for it so I know that my cards run regularly at 65-70C
  6. My last birthday I felt excited for was a few years ago when my cat died...on my birthday RIP such a sad day now
  7. my dad, said having lots of emails in your inbox causes your computer to slow down....i turned and looked at him with a blank expression and when he was out of hearing range burst out laughing
  8. ok guys well system restore to 3 days ago seemed to put every thing back to normal ill mark this as solved
  9. i will try to do this, something else that is strange is catalyst center still thinks the tv is plugged in because it's showing an audio output when my monitors don't have built in speakers GG
  10. thought it was too, but apparently not this one all it kept doing was spinning the disk and that's about it
  11. ok guys ill explain this the best i can, me and the GF wanted to watch a movie it was a DVD and we only had a blu ray player, so i moved my computer and disconnected my two monitors and hooked up my computer to the TV...AMD catalyst control center did something and made the screen fit the tv that was fine but when i hooked up my monitors again.....everything is still well fitted for the TV and i need to revert this change. ill tell you everything i've done so far 1. turning it off and on again 2. disconnecting and reconnecting the monitors 3. adjusting the resolution using windows and catalyst 4. reinstalling drivers...there is nothing else i can think of besides plugging back into the tv and see what happens. open for solutions to getting my screens back to normal
  12. i did fold once... unfortunately my room is a small one with not much circulation and r9 290s are hot cards + mom and dad didn't like it when my computer popped the breaker...oops
  13. Thank you to all whom replied wasn't sure if it would be ok or not but I guess it is I'll put the 92mm in and finally have positive air pressure in my case
  14. So I pulled a what appears to be a 92 mm fan out of an old PSU and it has a 2 pin header connected to it I was wondering if it would be ok to attach to a 3 pin header on my mobo anyone know anything on this??
  15. white pcb...aw i agree its a very sexy card but i'm going for a stock cooler so i can WC it later
  16. i played through the game just recently then restarted did pretty much all sidequests then re played the main story +dlcs
  17. If I was going to WC my computer I'd know where to go he's second on my list of youtuber techies next to Linus 3rd is barnecles and I like him better than tech of tomorrow/ tech syndicate personally I when I look for a video I check Linus then jay
  18. i hate rockstar and valve i think all can guess why...*cough cough* corporate greed *cough cough*
  19. i wonder how much heat it will output.... *shots fired* i don't like the idea of 300W TDP which is a complete turn off for me i'm trying to bring my own TDP down not up, but that HBM is a good thing for AMD until nvidia releases their own cards with HBM then the playing field with be level again
  20. dear lord...the amount of watches i had to go to walmart to get fixed...they weren't exactly that style of attachment but i killed 3 watches in a year from them catching on things being bumped on a wall and falling on concrete once or twice it was always the pin that came out too because it was set into plastic not metal like yours