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  1. I have an asus ux330u zenbook and when the fan has to speed up to cool (if im playing light games, prolonged use),the fan will speed up and 3seconds later it comes to a hault with a grinding like noise. It stays off for 2-3 seconds and tries to go again at full speed and repeatsthe same. I did open the backplate and noticed nothing odd, but didnt fully open CPU fan. What should I do? I looked at replacement parts which cost me about $80 to ship in.. I can probably change myself. But before I do that is there any other method i can use to fix this?
  2. Is there much difference with the usb sound card adapters or the actual sound card? I see these usb sound cards for as cheap as $5
  3. I have an old dual xeon e5 2670 system that I've thrown a GPU into so i can game with my wife. the only issue is, there is no onboard audio on the motherboard, so she can't use headphones/mic. How can i solve this problem? Is there anything I can use in order to connect a headset with a mic and headphone wire? thanks!
  4. hi guys looking for a TV for my bedroom mostly for movies and TV shows but also will hookup my switch and sometimes single player games from PC (GTA V, witcher, etc) budget of $500, and preferably 50 inches I also prefer if it would have Bluetooth or some sort of Bluetooth support( at least dongle compatible) so that I can hookup TWO headphones at the same time
  5. basically i had a pirated windows for so long and im noticing some issues happening (sound drivers are not working, cant update gpu drivers.. etc) I'm thinking of re-installing windows, however have a question is there any way i can re-install and still keep all my programs and documents with my current pirated version?
  6. Nope, we have everything else just need system I've read that the 2200g stutters in some games, 2600 will probably be our way to go
  7. Budget: $800 canadian before tax Will be used for gaming. Not really sure where to start as i havent kept up to date with parts.
  8. Hi guys recently bought these headphones today I have a few issues... I have the headphones set up as default device and headset setup as default communication however, with this i cant hear the sound of anything... but my voice is being picked up any way to fix this?
  9. i have a few video files (1-2hrs long) from where i want to take clips from, lets say 10-30seconds. Looking for something that will make it super easy (kind of like how on mobile u can crop a video quickly)
  10. Hi everyone, Im using an android btw I need an app that allows either dual camera recording (front and back), or easy switching between cameras WHILE recording (Snapchat allows this but the video shuts off after a while)
  11. Title. Looking for something in that budget range, preferrably a few options (lower and higher end of price points). 1080p is a must, and size over 40inch would be best
  12. Sorry I haven't updated thst It's an i7 4790k with 16gb ram
  13. I have a 1060 6gb, and while playing PUBG i notice the gpu uses 55% max, but I still sometimes get fps dips. Is this normal for the gpu to not use 100% and still get fps dips? edit: drivers are up to date and i did a clean install
  14. Title! Doing a fresh install, and want to know what are some must have programs (IE: CCleaner) PC Gaming apps are also appreciated (IE: MSI Afterburner)