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  1. 4 minutes ago, Pbr38 said:

    i suppose its too hopeful to pray hat maybe some of their designs and designers get picked up by someone else like corsair, nzxt, etc.


    i really love my Mercury S8 and im now wishing i had picked up a few of their other designs while i could have


    farewell dear friends, you will be missed


    If they did get picked up by corsair/nzxt/coolermaster etc the cases wouldnt be near the quality of what caselabs produced

  2. Just now, Zic05 said:

    What’s wrong with the 6800k, I mean what are you doing that’s so demanding? Unless you just want the threadripper just for the heck of it. Maybe more information about what you are doing 

    Blender lots and lots of blender for clients and rendering models for beam.ng drive, and of course games all at 4k.

  3. Currently I have an x99 6800k and two 1080's founders editions, I do have plans to upgrade from the 6800k to a 1900x on thread ripper while also getting a monoblock for the cpu. I don't know if Nvidia is about to drop new cards in a few months if its worth water cooling 1080s at this point I could wait and get all the other watercooling supplies like the res,pump,rads fluid etc and by that time hope cards have dropped and then new water blocks for those cards have been produced. I'm just unsure if to wait or not I know GTC is in a few days but rumor states Nvidia won't be releasing the 2000 series cards there.

  4. 2 hours ago, IntelBeastboy said:

    No, I'm saying the board should be fine, RMA it to see if it's that if not go back to the drawing board.


    1 hour ago, NumLock21 said:

    Missed the part where you mentioned your board. so never mind about the Ai Suite. that's for Asus boards. Anyway in that utility, there is a option where you can disable power to USB ports or make it sleep when device is not in use.

    after updating bios and waiting a bit to see if the problem had disappeared it seems to have gone as i've been watching yt while gaming  must've been the bios update ty

  5. 9 minutes ago, IntelBeastboy said:

    No, I'm saying the board should be fine, RMA it to see if it's that if not go back to the drawing board.

    not something I wish to do but if i have to well shit

    9 minutes ago, NumLock21 said:

    Update motherboard bios, check Ai Suite, it's a possibility USB savings mode is on.

    will try this the bios but not sure what Ai suite is?

  6. 5 minutes ago, ScratchCat said:

    Could your motherboard header be damaged / loose?

    Damaged IO area?


    possibly? although my signature is outdated as i no longer have a 4770k its now a 6800k and a different board that I've had since march ish which is the x99 gigabyte designaire board could this be a motherboard issue do you think?

  7. I'll describe this the best I can so here goes, Not sure at what point this issue started occurring but randomly my keyboard,mouse, and headset will all just disconnect making that usual windows sound when you unplug something and plug it back in. This occurs while watching youtube which causes the video to freeze and often restarts another ad being played before resuming the video or playing any game no matter how how much the cpu or gpus are being stressed. I've tried going through device manager and updating said drivers (mouse,keyboard headset) and obtaining all the updates from corsair and Logitech to no avail, changing the USB port on the MB and case nope still doing it  IDK whats wrong any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and will be tried

  8. I just upgraded my CPU,motherboard ,ram, and cooler the new parts are a 6800k, 4x4 avexier ram dimms, gigabyte designaire x99 MB and the h100i v2 now upon start up I don't get any post I get 6 beeps and a black screen and I'm using my old drives and my 1080s which I've been using for months now without issue I'm thinking it's the ram but I'm not 100%

  9. 52 minutes ago, Hill said:

    The Dell 7559 is a much better choice than the ASUS. The U CPUs are not even in the same league as the quad core HQ's, plus you get a 960m. that's all you need for gaming currently. I'd even go for an i5HQ model if you're stretched for cash. 

    I wish I could recommend a ThinkPad for that price range, simply cos of the durability. I've dropped mine out of cars, off of a ladder, and even dropped packs on it. Still the same beast its always been, lol.

    I was an Aussie ET (electronics technician) in the same situation a few years ago.
    Enjoy :)

    this laptop wouldn't be moving too much at all just sitting in my barracks so mobility isn't really much of an issue to me its more of just simply running games, part of my training is ill be going out in the woods for 3 weeks and returning to a different dorm which with my desktop would be a huge inconvenience moving 45 pounds from one dormitory to another(and i don't trust people around here) plus a monitor but i'm going to think on the 7559 before i jump on it, not really stretched for cash because i don't really have any bills to pay lol.

  10. 2 minutes ago, TheGTXman said:

    looks great .... Do u want an optical drive????????????

    and sorry i was so set on ASUS i just trust them the most.

    thats cool i understand if you can find an asus with like a dedicated gpu and a semi good processor ill look at it thanks for your suggestions so far. :)

  11. 1 minute ago, SCGazelle said:

    that's a good laptop, but the build quality is not very good. If you aren't moving it much and have a mouse/keyboard to replace the bad one on the laptop. I would at least get a mouse. 

    i had my mother ship my headset, mouse and webcam to me already :P something i didnt mention in my posts so corsair 1500s and m65 and the logitech c920

  12. well guys, i'm going to lay it all out here i'm in tech school which is basically college in the military i have 3 months before i can get my desktop(at my first station) and i'm currently sitting with a i3 3110M 8GB of ram and like a 750GB hard drive this cannot game at all its 4 years old. My budget for a new laptop is 600-800 ish USD suggestions are welcome anything that's a bit better than this would be gr8.

  13. Just now, typographie said:

    Most programs that display common GPU info, such as clock speed, temperature, etc. will also display VRAM usage. MSI Afterburner, GPU-Z, HWMonitor, etc.


    Typically being starved for VRAM doesn't look like a flat, consistent FPS drop but rather "hitching" and stuttering when you turn the camera quickly or enter new areas. But sure, that many mods could easily eat up nearly 4 GB, so it could be VRAM-related I suppose.

    what was happening is when i would enter a city like say white run skyrim turned into a meme? and would loop the same image over and over but you could hear people like walking by saying things and i would alt tab out then back again and black screen twas strange indeed i'm not done trouble shooting it yet always open minded about bugs and what not