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  1. forget about cry engine its going to be really hard for you alone to make a game from it. try unity3D its far more user friendly and there are millions of tutorials online for it compared to cryengine.
  2. Comes free with a usb4 buttplug for all those close encounters. Lovin some of the names but I've got the name now from an ask reddit I did earlier. As it's star citizen inspired I had to put a wing commander quote. So my fake 3d model company is Devereux Technologies.
  3. Is this your name of your connie in star citizen, also linus what has happened to the hawaii vlog where you met chris roberts?
  4. Nope Unity3d/CryEngine/UDK Keep em coming i need an orignal name so "Saul" dosent come after me about copyright
  5. Cheers for the ideas guys, i like quite a few of them ioght mash and mold a few together, but i like the idea of using the pi symbol as a logo, so parsec imperium might be a contender Thankyou for the fast replies, i love these forums :-)
  6. So im making a spaceship model inspired by star citizen and i need a company name. In sc they have company names for the makers of their ships eg// aegis dynamics and origin jumpworks. I have the ship name which is the black widow buy i need a company name to go along with it
  7. i have a 60gb SSD and two 250gb HDD's and a nas with 2TB. The reason for my storage is this: 60gb SSD for os to boot fast and then the 250gb hdd's were reclaimed from old pc's. i built my pc during the floods, so storage was triple the cost so i couldn't afford it at the time. when the prices came down i brought a 2tb External drive and hooked it to a rasberry pi server. so my hdd's are used for storage, one for games and one for indie dev. my backup's go to the nas server :-) Thankyou for the prizes linus and keep up the good work!
  8. I wouldn't of brought 2 6870's for crossfire as it's only got 1gb of vram.
  9. i use vlc because of a statement in my head. "if vlc cant run it, it dosent run"
  10. its the Gpu mate aswell a 610 is very low end but a 9800 was mid to high range at release ill explain the 6 is the series and the 10 is how far up the scale of power the gpu is eg// you need to read it more like 6-10 so a 610 is way less powerful than say a 580 even tho the numbers higher. 6-10 << 5-80 i know you've found out it was your hdd but an upgrade in the gpu department will give you a richer experience ;-)
  11. Lol didn't realise Europe was a country now, that made me lol,
  12. XIII

    Name my game

    mmmmmm i really like it but im trying to stay away from religous name's as im atheist and dont want to offend religious group's, but then again revelation means more than just that so yup there we go, thankyou sir You get one Internet, Punchy to the point and goes with the theme, but now i need a name for the faction you fight for. :-/
  13. logan at TekSyndicate does this and it works for him and it would be a great way for a bit of extra cash to make more vid's. i think teksyn use epic pants but im not sure if he has to run all the background stuff or if epic pants do the leg work. but i'd defo be in for that, what about adding second hand hardware where we do the leg work of sending it to the customer but linus takes a cut for advertising it, (like ebay)