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    AMD FX-8350
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    Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
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    Corsair 16gb 1600mhz lp (2x8)
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    Msi Gtx 970
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    Corsair 760t in White
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    Seagate Barracuda 1tb & Samsung 840 Evo 120gb
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    XFX 550W 80+ Bronze
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    LG 29UM65 2560x1080 5ms IPS
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
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    Corsair K70 Cherry Mx Brown
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    Corsair M65 Black
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    Microlab FC20 40w 2.1 Speakers
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    Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
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  1. Hey lads my mate is getting a laptop for 750-850 pounds. Ideally we are looking for 15.6", Gtx 1050, 1th hdd and a cheeky SSD. Basically the specs shown in the picture. Just thought I'd make a quick post before we just bought the first thing on amazon.
  2. Alright seems like the consensus is this one, I'll check it out. Thanks very much lads
  3. Right, so besides from the few services I do pay for I tend to torrent everything else. However, just recently I torrented a movie and got an email from SKY notifying me about it, in what seemed to be an educational email but seemed like a subtle warning for the future referencing the ‘Get it Right from a Genuine Site’ initiative. So yeah I'm aware millions of people torrent but I don't want to screw over the person who owns this broadband so what is the solution, I have thought of a few. I heard something about using a VPN or Proxy of some sort can help is this true? If so can you link any free good ones? Wording in the email such as "shared and uploaded" maybe leads me to think it's because I was seeding the movie perhaps is what triggered this? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  4. I'm looking for a new phone and I'm heavily considering the oneplus three at its incredible £310 price point. However before I buy is there are relevant contenders? For example I know Linus says the Axon 7 is good but it's not out yet in the UK. So does anything else rival it? I'd be willing to spend a bit more maybe up to £400.
  5. Although I have a 970, one of these new cards would be perfect for a gaming PC I'm building for my brother.
  6. Subed to PCper, didn't find anything on evcblog
  7. Lol that would be so funny. But unfortunately no, I'm not really into Linux
  8. Anyone know any good tech youtbers? These are the current ones I'm subscribed to -LinusTechTips -Awesomesuace Network (Kyle) -Digital Storm -JayzTwoCents -Marques brownlee -NCIX Tech Tips -Newegg TV -OC3D TV -Paul's Hardware -RushKit -TastyPCTV -Tech Of Tomorrow -Tech Showdown -Techquickie -Tek Syndicate + Hardware channel I know that is a lot but any other Tek youtubers you think I would enjoy would be really appreciated. P.S For those of you that watched Newegg TV when Paul and Kyle were on it, do you know what Steve does now?
  9. I give up. I hate windows 10. I hate rocket league. I hate everything
  10. i think I've done something very stupid. I right clicked on my gpu to uninstall the driver and delete driver software, because I heard that could be a problem... But now it won't even install the new driver saying the driver could not find compatible graphics hardware........ what now?
  11. I am so done. I just don't even. I think windows 10 hates me. Surely when I found that 1 faulty file that would fix it but nope. But wait there is another solution. When I first installed windows 10 I left it to do its thing while I did other stuff. When I came back and I noticed that geoforce experience said the drivers were updated with me actually updating to windows 10 I assumed it did it automatically. However in the display drivers folder I did not see the windows 10 one so I assumed it was a glitch. Anyways I downloaded the driver from nvidia's website and installed and restarted. I was very happy surely this had to be the problem... NOPE. still nothing. Why is this happening. I should of never upgraded > I've been at this for hours, reinstalled game, reinstalled driver, check game files, ran steam in administrator mode and ran rocket league in the compatibility mode you were on about. This is so frustrating
  12. I'm current reinstalling I'll see what happens then