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    fx 6300
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    Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
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    8gb Corsair xms3
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    Asus R9 270 OC
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    WD 500 blue
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    Cooler Master GX 550w
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    syncmaster 940nw
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    MS Acrobat
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    windows 8.1 pro

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  1. Parts: AMD FX 6300 @ 4ghz, Asus R9 270 OC, 8gb Corsair xms3, Cooler Master GX 550w PSU, WD 500 blue, Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 Alright. I bough the ram in question off ebay. Its 2 kits of 2x2gb RAM. pairs have matching serials. Now here is the strange parts. All of the sticks came in with a number from 1 to 4. Put RAM 1 in DIMM 1 and nothing happens. Put RAM 2 in DIMM 2 and it starts up but crashes before it loads windows. Put RAM 3 in DIMM 3 and it will start up and work, but only for like 10 mins. Put RAM 4 in DIMM 4 and its the same as RAM 3. Now put all of them together and it works fine. What is the most bizarre thing is that if the sticks with different serials work on the same channel. And this is the only way it works. I tried to put stick in different orders and it never worked. The problem i have with this is that PC sometimes shuts down randomly. Sometimes it can happens 2- 3 times a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day. But that's not the point, i just wanted to share this. Update: I forgot to add. The PC can run Prime95 for hours or any other stress test, and pass any memory test. But it always fails on one thing. And that is AMD Overdrive. It just never passes it. Also I posted another topic asking what is wrong with my PC before, I think I know what is the problem now:
  2. When you get to the "clean" part it says "clean is not allowed on the disk containing the current boot..." I already done that, its in the post. That doesn't work.
  3. That could work, but it could also break windows. There has to be a something very important on that HDD if windows won't let me format it.
  4. My Local Disk (D) doesn't wan't to be formated. When I try to it says: "Windows was unable to complete the format" If I go into the disk menagement the "Format" button is grayed out. If I try to use CMD this happens: But now the Hard disk is gone from "This PC" And if you go into the disk management it is still there, unformated, and I still can't format it. So the only other Idea I have is to start installing new windows, and format the drive from the there. This is bullshit. EDIT: Aparently the reason why it wouldn't format is because it holds Boot records for Windows i have on my SSD. So now i runined my Widnows 10 on SSD and deleted Windows 8 on HDD. Well, now I have to install a new system.
  5. Its is pretty much like in the video. Its not stable sound. Depends, every time it freezes you get a different sound. But it is pretty similar.
  6. It sound kind of like this: except my screen is just freezes, no BSOD or anything, it just freezes. I have read up about this online and they either say its RAM or graphics card. I did a ram test and it finishes no problem. I tough maybe it overheating and bought a cooler but that is not it either. GPU is not it because the same one worked fine before in older PC. Also I noticed that it most happens when I am watching youtube in full screen. Usually I can't finish a 20min video without PC freezing regardless of browser. However I can play games for hours and nothing will happen. Kind of strange. So what do you think I should do. I was thinking of buying a new motherboard because this one isn't really that great.
  7. I have narrowed down my chooses to 4 headphones. I put the in order from best to worst from the reviews I read online. But I only tried 1 so if there is someone that tried some of those let me know how they are. 1. Steelseries Siberia V1 Asus Republic Of Gamers Edition 2. CM Storm Ceres 500 3. Genius HS-G550 Lychas - I tried them at my friends house and they are really good, maybe a bit too heavy on the base, and heavy in general. But they are pretty decent. 4. GameCom 367 Plantronics
  8. Depends on the voltage. Mine goes up to 65C if i put it on 1.46V. I can't push it farther than 4.8ghz.
  9. Thermaltake Frio Extreme. It does not go beyond 55C when overclocked to the max. Non overclocked it does not go over 30C Not sure, its before the last one in the BIOS. Its in red letters. I will tell you later.
  10. This happened me every time I overclocked a CPU. And that is even tho CPU is technically faster. Not just in mhz but in benchmarks and games as well. It feels slower. Most notably when it boots up but it takes longer to open software as well. I have an FX 6300 that is at 4.3ghz right now. It is doing quite well. My overclock method is this: I turn the voltage up as high as it can go and still boot up and be stable. And than I push the frequency up as high as it will go without crashing. And than I turn down the voltage if I can. I never touched the RAM and motherboard chipset, even tho maybe I should. But to get to the point. Every time I overclock or better yet, increase the voltage that PC takes noticeably longer to boot. Everything lags after it is running and all the software is running slow after startup. But in benchmarks it is faster and games are running better too. The overclock may be unstable. but it isn't crashing. Turning the clock down to 4ghz and lowering the voltage will fix the problem. but it will also slow down me down, so this is out of the question. Does this happen to anyone else besides me. Or am I just shit at overclocking.
  11. antifreeze, its antifreeze. Pipes are strong enough for them not to burst. They are also in the wall and isolates with glass wool so they are unlikely to get below 0C.
  12. This is the issue I never see discussed when water cooling, but I always wondered. If you live in a cold country it is likely that your room will get below 0C at some point. And when that happens water will freeze and expand. What happens to radiators, pumps etc in that case, do you put in something like antifreeze in, or are radiators strong enough to not break. And what about those pre built water coolers. You can't open them up and pour your own liquid in them. And they seem to be filled completely. Do people really put antifreeze in? Would that damage anything? Can you put in alcohol instead of water? Edit: Do you leave heating on when you leave the house? If nobody is using it why should i heat up my house?
  13. I wan't to buy it. I found a used one for basically nothing. The guy says it fits on 1150 and AM3+. So I wanted to research it a bit to see it its worth buying. I wanted a cooler master seidon 120v but this cought my eye.
  14. OK, Here's what we have: Cooler Master CM Seidon 120V - 45€ CORSAIR Hydro Series H80i - 60€ Antec KUHLER H2O 1250 - 70€ - This one is 240mm, but if I wan't to fit it in i'd have to put it at the top of the case instead of inside. I don't know if its worth it. Bonus: Alienware water cooling - https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-4XwMMyQPaUU/UOyBNsieUfI/AAAAAAAAOU0/6x_eIHAFx2w/s800/IMG_20130108_142654.jpg - 40€ - I checked and it can go on both AMD and Intel. But IDK. Its the cheapest of all, but its kind of ugly with the see trough tubes. I have an overclocked FX 6300, but I am gonna probably use it after I later get my self a i7 4790 or 4770 since they are pretty cheap now.