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    Content Creator
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    Just a normal dude on the internet that loves computing, video games, and using my life as an example.
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    Twitch Streamer


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    AMD Ryzen 2 2700 3.2Ghz Pinnacle Ridge
  • Motherboard
    Asus ROG X470-F GAMING
  • RAM
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB 2933Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti
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    Corsair Graphite 760T White Full Tower Case
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    2 1TB hard drives set up in RAID1. 1 2TB Hard drive for video editing and 1 500GB for rendering.
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    EVGA G2 SuperNova 750 Watt PSU
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    3x Asus VS247H 1080p 23.6inch, Dell U2414H 1080p monitor.
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    Standard Fan Cooling, Mostly Corsair LED Fans.
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma RGB keyboard
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Chroma 2014
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    Realtek Audio, to many devices to name.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    Thank you all for helping me understand the new world of SSDs for me! If you have any more information I should know, feel free to share! I am really into teaching myself things and love learning from those with more experience!
  2. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    Ok, is this like "the snake oil" of SSD knowledge where there is so much misinformation that is throwing newcomers like me off? Besides, Windows 10 should know what to expect out of the SSD too right?
  3. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    So why defrag on if SSDs are basically self-maintenance?
  4. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    Fair enough. So I should turn off the weekly defrag stuff? And also what about over-provisioning? One of my friends that works in computer repair said not to worry about that either.
  5. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    So should I set an over-provisioning with Samsung's Software or not? Also what about the Performance Optimization?
  6. I recently upgraded to Vegas Pro 16 and I was happy to find that Magix finally put in support for NVENC rendering with 900 series and up GPUs. Now I have to say this REALLY improves Vegas' render times but I also noticed something rather, what seems to me, odd, but maybe not? When I go to render I am using the Magix AVC/AAC NVENC render setting. I've been using this setting for when I render a 1 hour piece of footage. During Render, I've noticed that Vegas Pro 16 will Fill up my system ram, of which I have 16GB, during the render. Then after video processing is done, my C Drive will max around 50% or so percent of pagefile activity. After a while, I will then see the drive I wanted to render to start doing activity and then everything will "empty" of pagefiles and Render then completes. What I find odd and what worries me is that there is a lot of pagefile activity on my new Samsung 860 Evo SSD and I feel will wear the drive out faster because of the Read Times, and what I find odd is how Vegas Pro seems to be rendering the video into ram, then relying on a pagefile then finally exporting the video the drive I want. Are there any other Vegas Pro 16 users on here that have noticed the same thing and is this normal for rendering on most softwares?
  7. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    If I may ask, how come?
  8. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    Ok, so which one of these should I do or not do? http://prntscr.com/lt9joh Also thanks for the excellent response.
  9. _Grid21

    SSD questions

    I have recently installed a nice Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD and with it comes a whole host of questions about Samsung's Magician software. First of all, I noticed that in Disk Defrag, Windows says I need to "optimize" my SSD. Should I? Second, Samsung's Software says I should set aside some "over provisioning" and that there are some Performance Optimizations I can do. 3rd. I read that the RAPID Mode could cause potential issues if my PC Crashes, or power loss which I decided on my own not to enable. If someone here could give me some really solid advice on how to use the Samsung Magician Software and what I should do concerning Window's "Drive needs optimizing state I would be most grateful! Thanks in advance!
  10. _Grid21

    Quick thoughts, is this a good SSD?

    Right? Especially the pagefile bull crap with an HDD.
  11. _Grid21

    Quick thoughts, is this a good SSD?

    I'm still feeling like I should go with Samsung only because I am more familiar with it and heck I even have a Samsung note 4 that I've been using for a really long time.
  12. _Grid21

    Quick thoughts, is this a good SSD?

    But what is the quality like?
  13. _Grid21

    Quick thoughts, is this a good SSD?

    Ok cool. Yeah, I wanted to go an SSD because Windows with a pagefile on an HDD is REALLY SLOW, and It drives nuts especially after I render a video with Vegas Pro 16 Windows takes forever to finish with the pagefile. I figured if I had an SSD that page file issue should go away.
  14. I've been waiting and waiting and finally a 860 Evo is on sale. This one here. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Inch-Internal-MZ-76E1T0B-AM/dp/B079NZV4XX/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1544221861&sr=1-3&keywords=1tb%2Bssd&th=1 But I remember Linus saying that the quality of NAND flash was going down hill, but this is V-NAND flash, is there a difference and is this still good to get at the price point? I want to grab this while it's on sale but wanted to make sure I was getting something good.
  15. _Grid21

    Switch my OS to raided hard drives?

    Do you know of a good tutorial video that explains how to use the imagining and cloning features?