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    Just a normal dude on the internet that loves computing, video games, and using my life as an example.
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    Twitch Streamer


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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700 3.2Ghz Pinnacle Ridge
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    Asus ROG X470-F GAMING
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB 3000Mhz
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    EVGA Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti
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    Corsair Graphite 760T White Full Tower Case
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    2 1TB hard drives set up in RAID1. 1 2TB Hard drive for video editing and 1 500GB for rendering.
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    EVGA G2 SuperNova 750 Watt PSU
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    3x Asus VS247H 1080p 23.6inch, Dell U2414H 1080p monitor.
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    Standard Fan Cooling, Mostly Corsair LED Fans.
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    Razer BlackWidow Chroma RGB keyboard
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    Razer Naga Chroma 2014
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    Realtek Audio, to many devices to name.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. I can a-test to this. My Dell E5450 has latest me for years honestly so I wanted to find a laptop that was like mine for my dad since he really liked how simple mine was.
  2. Sorry guys. He mainly uses his PC for email, video streaming from youtube and similar. It'd be nice if he could do some light photo editing I'm sure. I had originally built his desktop for gaming but he doesn't do that as much. Hover being to use OBS for local recordings would be a good plus. Though he doesn't even do that often.
  3. Hey guys, My dad has been bugging me to do some research on a good laptop that is similar to my Dell E5450 i5 5300U Laptop. What modern laptop is available that is simple for him to use, has some decent features, and is light for him to handle. Being as he had 2 strokes and heart surgery a few years ago, I was looking for something good and he really likes my Dell E5450. It'd be nice if it had a 1080p screen, 500GB Samsung SSD, or upgradable, and a dual band wireless card as well as Gigabit Ethernet, maybe USB Type-C? Let me know and thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks guys. I am doing an inplace upgrade rather than using windows updates. And this one laptop I am using is also been dual-booted so hopefully it'll still be ok. If not I can restore the clone I have from Macrium Reflect. Should I update my video driver before or after I do the in-place upgrade?
  5. I also have 2 laptops I have to deploy this on too, I assume make sure their updated too?
  6. What about your Nvidia drivers? What was the condition of that area? Any other bugs with Windows 10 1903?
  7. So I pushed off updating my windows to build version 1903 because I knew there might be bugs in this current build. The reason I haven't updated was because my friend who is running Windows 10 1903 got this error and posted about it in my Discord Server he said. Since I am on Nvidia Driver 436.48 should I just updated my drivers by using DDU and updating my RealTek drivers then? And with this, has there been any other bugs I should be aware of? PLEASE NOTE: This quote was from my friend in my Discord server.
  8. Alright. It's hard to pick a router because since most "tech reviewers" don't go over the UI interface of the software it's hard to know what I am getting for it.
  9. That's weird you should say that because I have always gotten top support with Asus and they have never failed me most of the time I've called them. I'll look into synology and see what they have. Do most routers support Port-forwarding and have really good firewalls these days?
  10. Ok I think I will settle on the Netgear Modem. Now as for Routers. I really like customer support so I think I am gonna look into getting an Asus Router. Can you recommend any good ones? Also what is Netgears support like?
  11. I know our upload is 16Mbps, actual speed is 11, and our download is 200Mbps, actual download 250Mbps. I see it supports the down stream, but it doesn't say what the supported upstream is.
  12. I found this CM500 https://tinyurl.com/y24ocrvy Even though it's DOCSIS 3.0 is it still a good pick?
  13. @Donut417 Wanted to follow up with you on my last message. You can probably see what I replied back to you on. Thanks!
  14. The bit about the channels, would that explain why I have some times upload issue with streaming to twitch? Our normal upstream is 11.0Mbps. But even though Comcast has done work in my area and finish the work that my area needed I still have issues with upstream and I either have to wait it out or reboot my router/modem. Also does EOL mean "End Of Life"? we actually bought our router modem combo so we didn't have to rent it.
  15. What brand is it? Also, can you think of a router that would meet my needs? Also, ironically, our Arris Surfboard has a DOCSIS 3.0. Why is that bad?