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  1. Yea I guess waiting a bit longer for a more powerful cpu to come out and building a new rig is the best choice.
  2. I was planning on doing that as I helped a friend build a 2700x RTX 2070 super build for streaming etc. But with the virus and all my uni is closed like many in the UK, so I will be flying home to Dubai was wondering if it was worth to get a CPU here for £20 cheaper than in Dubai.
  3. VENGEANCE® LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit - Red LED. I don't have much knowledge in ram oc'ing, If you think its possible I will learn and try. Also my motherboard is ASUS Prime B450-K
  4. Heyo, I have a desktop back home with a R5 1600 and a 1070ti. was wondering if I should get the 3600 or idk I'm just hoping to get 144fps+ on games like Apex legends, COD warzone and other competitive shooters. currently csgo run great at around 230fps+ but apex legends on low 1080p runs around 100fps. with streaming it goes to 80 fps. Sucks cause my panel is 144hz. And I play them very competitively in higher ranks. just want someone to say "yes that purchase makes sense". Thanks, Mak.
  5. Yep, And I will get the upgrade. Just saw some benchmarks my card has like 35fps+ more to give.
  6. I have a b450 ASUS prime some letter. Yea I tried OC'ing the 1600.. all I got was 3.8Ghz... I will try to find if my GPU has good amount of power not used because of the CPU
  7. My current build has a Ryzen 1600 that I got when it was released, paired with a GTX 1070 Ti. I play First person shooters; CSGO, Apex legends etc. I really don't care for high graphics and have most games on Low settings to get high fps. For CSGO I get 220fps+, Issue is Apex legends I have lowered the game settings way down and still get 110fps~ and can't hit my monitors 144hz. I know I will get more fps but I wanna know how much.. Is it enough I won't need an upgrade for a few years? I also wanted to stream but 1600 couldn't handle 1280x720res @3600Kbps. I apologize if this post was worded weirdly my current time is 4:20 so :). Thanks, Mak.
  8. So I should read up on the laptop manual then. Ok cheers guys. Ty
  9. Hi all, So recently I bought a pre-owned HP omen 15: i7 7700hq 8gb ram GTX 1060 max 1TB HDD n 128gb SSD The SSD died with in a week. I went to a repair shop they said it will cost me £120 to replace the same size SSD. £120 is way to expensive for me as a student. It's an M.2 ssd. Is there a difference between a desktop m.2 and a laptop one? If not I'm gonna order one online and install it myself Thanks, Mak. itits
  10. Couldn't do directly pc to modem.. so I tried a wire from another system.. found out that the ps4 wire Cat 6 could get max speeds but the ps4 hardware is bad... so I switched cables and I get 240Mbps now. Ty for the help.
  11. Here are the specs to my motherboard. Realtek® RTL8111H, 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s) ASUS LAN Guard I don't have a 3rd party network card installed. Its just plug and use thru the board.
  12. Here are the pictures for my adapter settings, speed test and cable markings!
  13. So I have a CAT 5e cable running from my router to my PC. I get a max of 100Mbps Download and 50Mbps upload. But my connection is 250Mbps Down. Which I get on my phone via 5Ghz wifi. Another desktop with Cat 6 has the same 100Mbps cap. Router is DIR-853 D-Link. I thought about getting a new wire.. but if all 4 wired connections are at 100Mbps something else must be causing this?
  14. It was on Auto. I changed it to 1gig full and saw no change so reverted it to auto again. Yea I might just get a new cable.. this one is like 6 years old..
  15. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-B450M-K/specifications/
  16. D-Link Model Name: DIR-853/ET (ET =Etisalat ISP)
  17. Umm the cable has writing on it saying INTEX cat6e
  18. Hi, So my ISP removed the 100Mbps and upped it to 250Mbps. I ran the test on my PC and got 94Mbps Download and 50Mbps Upload... And then I ran the test via WiFi 5Ghz and got 140Mbps Download and 50Mbps upload on my old Oneplus 3. My brother got 240Mbps~ Down and 50Mbps~ Upload on his Note 9. Both the Ethernet devices show the same 94Mbps~ result but have the full Upload speed. My wire is CAT 6e. And the router test shows this. The test was done on my desktop. Any ideas what is the cause? Do I need to upgrade my Ethernet Cable? Thanks for reading, Mak~
  19. So I assume you are using Full Screen mode. try disabling or enabling Multi-core rendering. Disable Windows Game Bar. (That helped me with faster alt tab). See if any of these do the trick.
  20. I just uninstalled Avast... so far it seems to have fixed itself.
  21. Currently I have Avast installed but its deactivated.
  22. Heyo.. So sometime ago I realized some programs went missing from my hdd.. thought nothing of it and re-installed them.. Just yesterday I re-installed Android Studio since it got uninstalled for some reason. This morning I woke up my pc and saw that my Ethernet Network driver was missing..?? and EVGA LED SYNC also seems to have been uninstalleed.. what could cause this? weirdest thing ever. Peace, Mak.
  23. http://imgur.com/gallery/q1FN4a9 Here what it shows in the cmd list
  24. So I plugged it into another desktop and. Restarted it. And I was able to access it from that desktop. But on my rig it still gives the error.