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  1. can't find a listing in UK for a new one.
  2. Hi people, I currently have a Cloud Stinger that I bought for £25 last Oct. Its great for games but music wise the bass is non existent. My setup back home has a MSI DS502 that has a vibration feature built into it for bass rumble etc was awesome for music but had its flaws. I am looking to purchase a new pair for; Gaming and music, I really love bass. Any recommendations? Ty for th time.
  3. Exactly. I use GeForce Experience, Shadowplay, Replay and will need the New Nvenc encoder for streaming sometimes. Will be doing content creation as well with Nvidia GPU rendering should be easy I think.
  4. I thought about the 5700xt but decided on Nvidia at the end. I replaced the gpu with the gigabyte 3 fans one and replaced the PSU with seasonic. I replaced the B450 with the x470 motherboard you suggessted and replaced the cooler with 212 evo black.
  5. Hey you lot, So I have built a £1200 rig for 1080p 144fps+ gaming. I am in the UK so this needs to be viewed on the United Kingdom version. Here is the link to the pcpartpicker list. Lemme know what you think I can save money on and maybe spend it towards something important? Peace, Mak
  6. Yea I guess waiting a bit longer for a more powerful cpu to come out and building a new rig is the best choice.
  7. I was planning on doing that as I helped a friend build a 2700x RTX 2070 super build for streaming etc. But with the virus and all my uni is closed like many in the UK, so I will be flying home to Dubai was wondering if it was worth to get a CPU here for £20 cheaper than in Dubai.
  8. VENGEANCE® LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz C16 Memory Kit - Red LED. I don't have much knowledge in ram oc'ing, If you think its possible I will learn and try. Also my motherboard is ASUS Prime B450-K
  9. Heyo, I have a desktop back home with a R5 1600 and a 1070ti. was wondering if I should get the 3600 or idk I'm just hoping to get 144fps+ on games like Apex legends, COD warzone and other competitive shooters. currently csgo run great at around 230fps+ but apex legends on low 1080p runs around 100fps. with streaming it goes to 80 fps. Sucks cause my panel is 144hz. And I play them very competitively in higher ranks. just want someone to say "yes that purchase makes sense". Thanks, Mak.
  10. Yep, And I will get the upgrade. Just saw some benchmarks my card has like 35fps+ more to give.
  11. I have a b450 ASUS prime some letter. Yea I tried OC'ing the 1600.. all I got was 3.8Ghz... I will try to find if my GPU has good amount of power not used because of the CPU
  12. My current build has a Ryzen 1600 that I got when it was released, paired with a GTX 1070 Ti. I play First person shooters; CSGO, Apex legends etc. I really don't care for high graphics and have most games on Low settings to get high fps. For CSGO I get 220fps+, Issue is Apex legends I have lowered the game settings way down and still get 110fps~ and can't hit my monitors 144hz. I know I will get more fps but I wanna know how much.. Is it enough I won't need an upgrade for a few years? I also wanted to stream but 1600 couldn't handle 1280x720res @3600Kbps
  13. So I should read up on the laptop manual then. Ok cheers guys. Ty
  14. Hi all, So recently I bought a pre-owned HP omen 15: i7 7700hq 8gb ram GTX 1060 max 1TB HDD n 128gb SSD The SSD died with in a week. I went to a repair shop they said it will cost me £120 to replace the same size SSD. £120 is way to expensive for me as a student. It's an M.2 ssd. Is there a difference between a desktop m.2 and a laptop one? If not I'm gonna order one online and install it myself Thanks, Mak. itits