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  1. At that point I would follow the link to the compensator build that @Jumballi linked and just buy all the parts from that build.
  2. You're definitely going to want faster ram even if you're going with intel. I would say 3000mhz is the absolute minimum for a gaming rig. Also generally a 2x8gb kit is enough for gaming but you'll probably want a 2x16gb or 4x8gb kit considering your other parts. As for cooling, if price is of no concern, take some extra time and effort and put in custom watercooling you'll be able to squeeze every last bit of an overclock out of these parts just make sure you can get a compatible full cover block for the titan you're getting. Also I wouldn't base your case depending on your motherboard if you're concerned about gaming performance. I would get a case with good cooling capacity and you're likely going to be into getting a full size tower or at minimum a good mid size tower to fit the cooling capacity you will need for these parts without having to have 3000rpm fans and full blast. Another thing I would probably do is get rid of the optane drive and get one or more 2tb nvme ssd. I doubt you'll notice a difference between optane and a good nvme ssd for gaming since game loading times at that point are likely hindered by other factors.
  3. If they are extensions there should be no problem as they would just plug into the end of the cable coming out of the psu. If the they are custom sleeved cables you have to get them specifically made for the PSU since they can have very different pin outs for the modular cables.
  4. Not much to add here to all the great suggestions. One thing I also want to add that I didn't happen to see is maybe get an exhaust fan in the top or rear to get some airflow over the mobo and VRMs. While your overclock doesn't sound very aggressive(you didn't say voltages) it's still an overclock and the VRMs will thank you for a little airflow.
  5. I would say really depends on the game. I like controllers for casual racing games and fps. Sometimes I'll use it on an rpg if it's supported.
  6. Yea what kind of pump was it I think I see it in one of the pictures and it looks like a very non standard pump.
  7. I would give it a couple days before you write off the keyboard. Unfortunately, keyboard preference is a very personal thing. I myself tried switching from a Corsair Keyboard with MX Brown switches to a Razer with their Orange switches and I just couldn't get used to it and ended up switching back to another Corsair with brown switches. If you're really not into it within a week I would say return it because you're not satisfied and try another type of switch.
  8. Wow do you know exactly what failed? There's always a risk water cooling you just have to try and minimize it as much as possible.
  9. It will be miles better than the stock cooler. If it performs like the hyper 212 it'll be a good affordable cooler
  10. You typically get a couple of them with the motherboard.
  11. Try another sata data cable if possible as well since those can go bad too.
  12. Have you tried running with a single monitor? You mentioned you have a second one on the igpu.
  13. Those numbers do seem quite low. I think @schwellmo92 might be talking about those pci-e cables for mounting your gpu vertically not the power cables from the psu. Anyways you can get a program like MSI afterburner or CPUID HWMonitor to get the gpu temps and frequencies. The 2080 ti performance can be dependent on temp quite a bit.
  14. I didn't use mine either it just finally bugged out one day and crashed my pc then started the boot looping and preventing updates like the 1909 feature update from installing. Are you able to get into windows at all?
  15. If you're looking for good airflow the front panel on that one will suffocate your intake. Pick almost any case with a full front mesh for good air flow.
  16. Do you happen to have malwarebytes installed? My PC kept doing restart loops because malwarebytes didn't install properly.
  17. Don't forget 1080p puts more strain on the cpu than the gpu. Also what are your temps like? Like @schwellmo92 said run Heaven 1080p benchmark with the settings he suggested and share results.
  18. It's not exactly clear as to what problem you're having are you getting stuttering, input lag or both? Temp readings in the past are well... in the past. It's easy for thermal paste to dry up in 4 years and fans to slow because of bad bearings and dust to stop airflow.
  19. Check your cables and change them if possible. I had a bad sata power cable cause one of my drives to slow down/drop out on one of my rigs.
  20. You mentioned you can get into bios. Does the drive show up in the bootable devices list?
  21. Haha Yea that would do it. Glad you seem to have fixed it.
  22. Was reading some other posts with stuttering issues and apparently an overloaded GPU can cause Stuttering even though you're using the CPU for encoding. Maybe try limiting the graphic settings on the games you're having problems with? Also there should be log files for SLOBS located in '%appdata%\slobs-client\node-obs\logs'
  23. Yea if it is software maybe try OBS? It basically the exact same thing but might work fine?
  24. Ok one other thing I can think of is if you're using WIndows 10 try turning off "Game Mode" it should be on by default and gives priority to games when possible. Basically just hit windows key and search game mode. Short of that I can't really think of anything else.