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    Everything computery and cars.. I love driving.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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    MXI X470 Gaming plus max
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    Corsair 16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz
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    MSI GTX 1080 Ti
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    Corsair Strage RGB (Mx-Red)
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    Corsair harpoon gaming
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    Asus Xonar DGX
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    Windows 10

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  1. it is single sided and as far as I know it came out of an Toshiba laptop. Don't know which one. Thanks for the tip I guess I'll just have to keep looking.
  2. Yes, I did not mistake the title. I actually mean MEGABYTES. I'm restoring a Toshiba 4000 CDS (specs here ) and I'm trying to upgrade the ram from 32 to 64MB. It has 32MB soldered on to the motherboard and it's upgradeable to 160MB of 66HZ memory. However I'm having issues upgrading it. I bought two 32MB sodims to try but neither of them seem to work. They look compatible to me. Specs of the ram I'm trying to get to work: tested_speed 66MHz PC Type PC66 CAS Latency CL2 I already have updated the bios to the latest version. Now since this sytem is older than I am (I'm from 99) maybe there is something I'm missing here. It should just work by plopping the thing on the motherboard right? Any help would be appreciated :)
  3. Anyone interested in a key for Xcom2 with some extra DLC packages? Won a key but don't want it. 

  4. I don't have an SSD laying around but when I do I might switch to that. Honestly this hard drive is not bad at all. Boot time to the desktop is still well under a minute. The 9600GT sure is a good card. I picked it up for a price of a coffee few weeks ago and it surprised me by its performance compared to the 8800GTX. Tbh I've used that card more than the 8800 GTX. I'm looking in to flashing a 9600 GT XXX bios on to it. That card basically has the same hardware but is clocked higher.
  5. I've spent the past few months gathering some components for my 'retro' gaming PC that I've put together for fun. I'm aiming it with parts from 2006 to the late 2000's. CPU: Core 2 Quad Q9500 2.8GHz base (OCed to around 3.6Ghz fine for me). Motherboard: Asus P5E (not the Deluxe) Ram: 4GB DDR2 400MHz (need different set of ram) GPU: 1X Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX. There's a 9600GT in the picture. PSU: Brand new Sharkoon PSU. The only new component in the system. Don't trust an old power supply. Not that this is perfect but it'll do just fine. HDD: Some WD one I don't know. It's 7200RPM and has been with me for 29.000 spin hours but still performs really great. Yes this is a 9 inch monitor. Easy to store away if I don't need it. What am I planning to do with it? Well most parts in this build are cheap and easy to find. I like to switch back to the XP era and play some games on hardware I could never afford back in the day. Plus it's nice to play with hardware again without the fear of breaking an expensive new CPU. I'm still looking to get another identical 8800 GTX so I can run them in SLI. I've never ran anything in SLI or CrossFire ever. These cards can suck a lot of power and I'm not planning on overclocking the card. It's not needed and I don't want to risk breaking the card. The reason I chose to run Windows XP and not Windows 7 with better driver support is because I like XP and this is the OS I would've been running if I had the hardware back then. I still ran XP until 2012. Anyone have any ideas what I should do or what I should've done? I'd love some feedback
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a new power supply for my system. I have the MSI X470 Gaming plus max motherboard that has an 8 + 4 pin connector on top for the CPU power. I'm browsing for power supplies but I don't see any PSU mentioning that it has these connectors. What are they called? On a product page all I see is something like this: 1x 20-pins ATX or 1x 24-Pin-ATX12V-2.x, 1x 4+4-Pin-12V, 1x 4-pins 3.5", 8x 4-pins 5,25", 4x 6 + 2-pins PCIe, 9x 15-pin SATA I assume the 1x 4+4-Pin-12V would be the 8 pin connector that you can split in to 2 four pins right? I don't need the other 4 pin connector on the right since I'm not planning to overclock that much anyway. Just asking to be sure in case I buy a power supply that only has the 4 pin connector
  7. Hi, I'm looking for someone with knowledge about the ArcServe environment as I need some help with a backup to tape job that I'm trying to do. I'm running ArcServe 6.0 so I don't have official support for it anymore. I'd really appreciate it if someone with experience about ArcServe could PM me! Thanks in advance!
  8. I have no clue. I sitll have my old PC but without a psu so maybe I'll come back when I have solved the problem because I'm obv not gonna sell it. I went to a pc store and told them about my issue. Even they didn't believe it. I'm pretty sure that the daily use of this CPU for the past 7 years has finally caught up to it.
  9. I solved the issue. I upgraded to a Ryzen 3800X.
  10. Little update on my tripple core i7 beast. Re-seated the CPU and fully inspected the pins plus the motherboard itself. Everything seems to be normal and the problem still isn't solved. I ran the Intel diagnostics test, but nothing strange resulted from that. It still thinks it's a legit happy 3 core CPU. Investigation continues... TESTRESULTS.TXT
  11. I think I have a pc at work somewhere that's using the same socket but I'm not sure. I'll continue to investigate and troubleshoot this problem. Never seen anything like this so I'm also very curious what this could've caused.
  12. I don't have a spare 1150 motherboard laying around to try. I think I'm just gonna keep using this for now. I plan to upgrade to a newer ryzen in a month or two anyway. I googled the problem but couldn't find anything related to this problem. Weird.
  13. Thanks. I tried it but its unchecked. When I do check it, it only allows me to select cores up to 6 threads. Resetting the bios also didnt solve the problem. Could it be that my 7 year old heavily used CPU has given the shits?
  14. For months I've noticed some performance issues with my CPU. I thought it was my old I7-4770 from 2013 that's just getting outdated. I opened task manager and noticed one of my cores ''escaped''. Does anyone know what this means? Is my CPU broke? I haven't changed any settings in my bios.
  15. Use the Windows update assistant: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10