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  1. what model do you have, it might have a button that disables the camera
  2. maybe you could go to device manager to see if it's there
  3. so i picked up this sony str-dh540 and it got 4k, dts neo:6 and dolby plii, i do know that those are surround but i don't know how to watch some surround movies. Do i need more cables, any special equipment,?
  4. i think (not sure) you psu has some grounding probs my old pc had the same probs and the psu smelt burnt and it was a grounding prob
  5. but if your gpu leaks power to the case wouldn't it be shorted?
  6. i would suggest trying a diffrent pair of headphones and see
  7. if you dont mind to buy used. you can buy a 2070 super for bout 200 bucks (at least here)