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  1. That attention to detail, looking forward to the next update, great stuff man.
  2. Get any color you prefer and just clean it from time to time and you should be fine.
  3. Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming > All EVGA's GTX 970 offerings.
  4. Yeah there's no need to spend so much, just that my OCD wants me to cover up everything. No problem, been using it for quite awhile, and I must say all the provided dust filters does the job well, though some of them remained clean after half a year of usage. Mostly due to the positive air pressure that I've set up in my case, but at least when the PC is turned off I can sleep peacefully knowing the dust protection is still there lol.
  5. After seeing it so many times still won't get bored of it, just simply. (HINT: The guy who jokingly asked you to bring your rig to a certain dinner gathering but now they are actually gonna do it lol )
  6. Bought this for my Air 540. http://www.demcifilter.com/p0431/Corsair-Air-540-Dust-Filter-Kit.aspx
  7. Very good specs for the price, of course don't expect materials like they use in the Enthoo Evolv though.
  8. Using the Air 540 currently. First off as Kloaked said, too much plastic, though acceptable to me. Agree with him more on the inefficient space usage, as I believe more 3.5" drives could be fitted on the PSU side. Another downside for me is lack of dust filter for the PSU but could be easily solved by getting third party magnetic dust filter. It's also a matter of taste since not many people like the large footprint. Advantages would be the unobstructed airflow, ease of building in it, especially in terms of cable management because a noob like me could just stash away the cables and the system still looks clean in the end. The Enthoo Pro however wins in a lot of areas, mostly in terms of watercooling due to more radiator compatibility, bay reservoirs work better on the Enthoo Pro too since it uses standard orientation for the 5.25" bays instead of the Air 540's rotated one. In my opinion the Enthoo Pro also wins in terms of materials used. However do take a look at the Enthoo Pro M that will be released soon, at 79 USD if I am not mistaken mentioned by Hardware Canucks.
  9. +1 to this build for owning Alter's Yui Hirasawa. And nice room overall, wish I can afford all of this.
  10. Corsair Air 540 for the non-restrictive airflow(assuming front fans are oriented for intake), you'll really need that airflow if you intend to use 2 non-reference GTX 980's. I might be wrong so I hope someone else could give a better explanation regarding this.
  11. And how much does the GTX 970 G1 Gaming cost over there? I heard electronics are cheaper there compared to Malaysia.
  12. hooh888

    Project Alpha

    This is way more updated compared to your build log in Lowyat forum lol.
  13. And by the way thanks to everyone for the responses too.
  14. Cool, how is the availability of the G1 Gaming in Singapore? In Malaysia they're all currently out of stock and said to be restocked somewhere around this week so I'm patiently waiting. Not interested in the other choices due to color scheme(yes this is a very important point to me lol).