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  1. Hi all, planning to upgrade my home network that has CAT 7 throughout the whole house (family of 4). Usage: Streaming on PCs and TVs, downloading, occasional gaming, uploading/downloading from our home file server and the usual internet browsing. I was going to get 2 Amplify Alien Routers to act as access points since they're up to date to wifi 6 (since I dont want to upgrade again for the next 5-10 years). They're also backwards compatible? Would they work with my 2.4ghz devices on Wifi 5? I saw that they only provide a chip inside for Wifi 5 5ghz, so I was starting to get worr
  2. In terms of speed -- 1000mbit both upload and download (business plan). It wasnt my decision on hosting the service with this method. Ive talked to my boss already and argued many times, though he still insists on hosting the servers in the office -- not renting them. I will try talking to him again, once he comes back from his trip. Edit: I will also be the only one working on this, meaning that if something goes wrong with the servers it would drag me away from development as well. Like you said, this is one of the main reasons why companies choose to rent instead of self-hosting.
  3. Co-location - an office What do you mean by "get quotes done on specific hardware and support packages?"? Specs?
  4. Sorry for the late reply. If Id be using NAT wouldnt that be interfering with the connections between the other servers, such as Application Server to Database Server communication. NAT gives the feature of a hidden IP address, wouldnt that make it difficult for the servers to communicate and retrieve data from each other? Also: Im better off leaving the firewall switches out then, correct? Then software comes into the game, this will be adequate for monitoring threats such as DDOS? DDOS/DOS prevention is my main concern, after all I dont want the servers crashing. I think witho
  5. So I dont need a switch, and instead get this for the firewall and gain security. http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/sonicwall-nsa-series/pd?oc=swnsa2600&model_id=sonicwall-nsa-series or this https://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/next-gen-firewall.aspx https://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/utm-9.aspx Dont understand the difference between the two though. Application server with Database VM. http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/poweredge-r820/pd As in for backup server Ill just build one will be cheaper as well.
  6. Hey, Thanks for the response! As in Virtualizing you mean just put a bunch of virtual machines on it? 1 running the application server, 1 vm running database and so forth? Wouldnt that be quite resource demanding considering its only one server with couple of hot running vms? If Id take the virtualizing Id probably have to get a overkill machine that could handle all those 3 processes, wouldnt know which one though. And for the backup server youre saying I should build one instead which will save me some of my budget, correct?
  7. How would this be for a switch? http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/sonicwall-nsa-series/pd?oc=swnsa2600&model_id=sonicwall-nsa-series I was gonna add a firewall for security reasons. I dont know if there is a way to prevent DOS/DDOS attacks so I decided to put in a Firewall switch. Also jsut to clarify: So you think my server selection is fine right? Also want to go slightly overkill to save some time in the few years upgrading the machines or if any additional projects will be running on them in the future.
  8. Going to be starting an App for IOS which will be handling many file requests such as takedowns and adding files. Will be happening over a Application server which connects to a Database server, where all the requests get put in tact.
  9. Hey, Im gonna start working on some projects in the next few weeks, and Im going to self host it with 3 servers. Im going to need an application server, 2 database servers 1 will be a backup of the other. My internet speed will be at 1,000 mbits/s both up and down. The database will have to handle frequent requests of deletion and addition of files coming from the application server and that request coming from the client obviously. Im not sure if plain HDDs will do the job, but just to be safe Im gonna be using a server which is capable of supporting SSDs b
  10. Hey, Im doing a school project right now and need to build a fitness app. Im stuck on the actual programming stuff because I wasnt able to finish the Swift Course fully. Are there any experienced swift developers on here that could help me out via skype or any other communication method? Thanks
  11. Id most probably need to know some programming language to do this, correct? If so, which one?
  12. Hey, How could I create a bot for twitter? When a certain account tweets a certain word, it would send a notification to my phone, or send me an email saying "Alert" or something like that. For example: If Linus says something like GTX Titan or #GTXTitan in his post, the bot would notify me either via mail or notification. The bot would refresh the site (twitter @-LinusTech) with an interval of bout 3 minutes, this would go on until I quit the actual bot or state a time interval, for example "Search for this "GTXTitan" in every post on Account LinusTech, between now and 4 weeks or
  13. I see what I did wrong on number 3, I did the whole division, it asked me instead to only solve how many remainders would be left in each expression. Its clear now after I looked at your java comment, thanks man appreciate your help!
  14. bool_two = not 3**4 < 4**3 -- True: 81 is not less than 64, its greater. Meaning it would be false but cause of the not its True. That how I understood it from your explanation. bool_three = not 10 % 3 <= 10 % 2 -- 3 remainder 1 is less than or equal to 5, it will take the true value being: 3 remainder 1 being less than 5. This would make it True, cause of the not it makes it false. bool_four = not 3**2 + 4**2 != 5**2 -- 25 is equal to 25, so its false, cause of not in front of the statement, its True. bool_five = not not false, not false = True, not true = False , s
  15. Hey, Im doing python right now on codecademy, and am on the Operator section. I understand everything so far but once I got to the Not operators I somewhat lost the understanding. Basically its asking me if these are not true (false) or not false (true), are these answers correct? bool_one = not True -- False bool_two = not 3**4 < 4**3 -- False , 81 is greater than 64 bool_three = not 10 % 3 <= 10 % 2 -- True, 3 remainder 1 is not equal to or less than 5 bool_four = not 3**2 + 4**2 != 5**2 False, 25 is equal to 25 bool_five = not not False -- wt* d