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  1. Or you stop being a zealot and let people believe what they want to? People get bad advice on this forum all the time when it comes to headphone recommendations. I bite my tongue as there is no point getting into a war on every tiny point. If someone goes to the cable forum and asks opinion on which cable to buy - they are a cable believer - they are there to ask other cable believers which cable they should buy. They can also go into sound science and talk about whether or not there is any difference between cables or not if they chose to and discuss it to their hearts content there. Going into a cable forum with a mandate to force everyone to agree with you is like a democrat going to a republican forum to stir up arguments, or an atheist going into a christian forum. What's the point? It's just trolling, it's just going to start a huge argument. Besides, we don't know everything so there's no point pretending we do. I don't believe there is any difference between cables based on my own listening tests, but I can never know for sure there isn't a difference that someone with better trained hearing can't. Saying "science is science" ignores what science is - constantly evolving with new things discovered every time. I find arrogant zealotry every bit as annoying as ignorance.
  2. Provided you use the right forum, there isn't. Going to the cable forum and hanging around there arguing with people for believing in cable differences is trolling. There is no point to it. That forum is there for people who do believe that there is a difference to discuss cables. Live and let live. If you're the type of person who just kind help riling people up, you're best not posting on forums, and the mods are best removing you. This is the sort of thing people get banned for in all sorts of forums - basically looking for a fight and looking to start arguments.
  3. I, and most Zelda fans, would absolutely hate to see a Zelda game with the art style of Skyrim. Zelda is not supposed to be aiming for realism, and in my opinion the Wii U footage they showed looks a hundred times more appealing than that game does visually.
  4. Is this all old games or PS4 titles too? If old games that is stupidly overpriced.
  5. I don't understand why anyone would buy into a platform for a single player campaign... several hundred pounds for three or four days of gameplay at best? Utter madness. A good mulitplayer game though? That's a different story. If I lock onto a good fighting game, driving game, sports game or shooter I might play that for several hours a night every couple of days for a year or more. That's tangible value for money. I don't care how good the campaigns are - there needs to be AT LEAST ten world class single player campaigns on a platform to justify a console purchase, but just one good mulitplayer. People saying they'll buy a PS4 for Second Son? Jesus. You'll play the thing for a weekend and that will be that. Second Son and Uncharted 4 - two weekends. I just can't underatand the mentality that thinks an exclusive strategy of limited campaigns makes any sense to the consumer at all.
  6. I own an Xbox One and a Wii U (as well as a gaming PC and a 3DS) and I can't think of a game anounced yet that would make me buy a PS4. If the unpleasant rumour that Street Fighter 5 might be a PS4 exclusive pans out - that would do it. Sony's issue is that their good excluaives are mostly single player campaigns that last a long weekend. For that reason I don't tend to consider their consoles until a good few years into the generation when a bit of a back catalogue has built up.
  7. The 360 did BC via game-by-game emulation, so they knew exactly how many users actually used the functionality as a patch needed to be downloaded for every game. I think I read it was 1 point something percent. They basically spent a load of money providing a service that next to nobody used. This is the issue with BC - it's something everyone thinks they wants, but when it comes to it the last thing anyone wants to do with their shiny new next gen console is play an old game they've already played on it.
  8. They just need to make sure their console is powerful like their consoles used to be, has no stupid gimmicks and just keep their focus on making amazing games.
  9. That first Van Persie goal, could watch that over and over all day long.
  10. Historically inaccurate. In the NES, SNES and Gameboy games Link was always depicted as a big headed, big eyed cartoon sprite. As for the idea that using a cartoon style is to do with weaker hardware. This is nonsense. The Wii was the first console Nintendo made that was underpowered. Wii U the second. Before the Wii Nintendo always had powerful consoles. The GameCube, which Wind Waker was on, was in fact a much more powerful console than the PS2. Until Xbox came out it was the most powerful console ever. Look at RE4 on that console and tell me that the art style of Wind Waker had anything to do with power limitations.
  11. The level creation stuff is cool, but as an actual game, it is just OK. Mario and Rayman are both superior as platformers.
  12. His question was actually whether he should get a PS4, Xbox One or Wii U. My personal answer was Wii U. Yours was PS4 and I asked why? I'm still asking why? Why is a PS4 a better option for him, given he already owns a PC? It's not like better performance over Xbox One in mutliplats makes a difference to him when he can play those multiplats on his PC and have them perform better than they do on PS4. The Wii U has the most games worth playing. The Xbox One and PS4 are roughly even on games count, so its a matter or taste, but the Xbox One has some "entertainment centre" functionality that would offer him something a PC doesn't. So why a PS4? What does it actually have other than hype?
  13. ? Why? He already has a PC, so the power advantage is meaningless as he'll get better graphics playing cross-platform games there. Buying a console when you already own a PC is about - exclusives and added features. When it comes to added features the PS4 is in third place. It's pretty much a box that plays games. When it comes to exclusives, PS4 is a pretty barren right now. They've been spamming the internet with these "the best games are on PS4!" adverts - featuring Watchdogs (on every platform in the world), Destiny (on all consoles) and The Last of Us Remaster (a up-res of a PS3 game). It kind of sums up their desperation right now tbh. It's also not really helped by the fact that most of Sony's big name exclusives are focussed on single player campaigns that will be wrapped up in a long weekend. I reckon at the end of 2015, maybe mid 2016 will be the crossing point where it's worth getting a PS4. Right now all it has going for it is an unrealistic ratio of internet hype to actual performance, and the veneer is starting to come off a bit as people realise that the "gamers platform" actually doesn't have "the games" - just the marketing slogans.
  14. Wii U. And I say that as an Xbox One owner who doesn't have a Wii U yet. Right now it's the better option - cheaper, a good number of must-play games already out and more on the way. I would say the end of 2015 is the time it will be really worth it to buy an Xbox One or PS4. Right now they are both still developing.
  15. You'll be charged customs and VAT as well. Customs varies wildly by price and I'm not sure what that will be, but VAT will be another 20% on the cost - £46 I think. EDIT - P.S. - you will need to either get a 240v UK PSU for it, or a step down converter for it. You can get a step down converter for £15-20 or so. EDIT EDIT - You'll also have issues if you need to return it. Seriously mate, it's just not worth the extra hassle.