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  • CPU
    Intel i5 4760K
  • Motherboard
    ASRock Z87M Pro 4
  • RAM
    G. Skill Ripjaws-x 16GB
  • GPU
    ASUS GTX 770 Direct CUII OC
  • Case
    Fractal Define R5
  • Storage
    SSD, HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600M
  • Display(s)
    AOC 2757FM, 27" IPS, BenQ X2411Z 24" 144HZ
  • Cooling
    Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212
  • Keyboard
    Coolermaster Rapid -I tenkeyless, Mx Cherry Red
  • Mouse
    Zowie Evo C1-A
  • Sound
    Yamaha RX-V475, 2.1: Boston Acoustics A25's, Yamaha 12" Subwoofer

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for some help troubleshooting my bios update issue. I'm trying to update my motherboard's bios from 1.30 to the new 2.50 bios. The bios 1.30 version does not have instant flash, so updating from DOS is the only option. I am following this guide from Asrock: http://www.asrock.com/support/BIOSIG.asp?cat=DOS8 I finish step 4, but instead going to step 5 (the BIOS updating), I get booted back to DOS or my Windows installation, depending on which primary bootdrive I choose. Does anyone have a clue as to what could be causing this issue? So far I've tried: Creating a pendrive version of both FreeDOS and MS DOS 98. Updating to both 1.4 and 2.5. Made the pendrive my dafult boot drive Disconnected my windows drive. Each time I get the same dialogue in DOS as the guide does Thanks in advance.
  2. Terosterone

    Which Tech brands do you trust most?

    The left cup ended up breaking. It was the cheapest of the 3 headsets offered at the time. The sound quality was okay (a bit bassy) and the microphone was pretty good. They did get somewhat uncomfortable over time.
  3. Terosterone

    What do you use/how do you shave?

    Harry's Razors (amazing; I shave both le bear and le head) Save secret for shaving my stubble, Aloe vera cream for shaving my head.
  4. 760 edpi, great for good first shot accuracy and holding angles, a bit of a pain for quickly checking multiple corners.
  5. Terosterone

    Your CSGO ranks?

    Global Elite, although I've pretty much stopped playing MM other than to retain my rank. I prefer playing 10 mans with competitive players, FACEIT PUGS (EU). I played competitively in a team for a year as well. I would highly suggest anyone around the LEM level to consider 3rd party pugs, playing in teams and playing in 10 mans. MM is okay, but it teaches you all kind of bad habits. MM is also a poor excuse for a competitive environment.
  6. Terosterone

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Vessel Username: Terosterone Videos I liked and commented on: https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 Links of Shares on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1551220475141202&id=100007597937317&pnref=story https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1551220825141167&id=100007597937317&pnref=story Good luck with the platform launch! I'll add my comment here: Thanks for keeping to your word & coming up with an arrangement where you Youtube videos from events & big product launches are still posted the same day as Vessel.
  7. I'd love a run down of LinustTechTips "Best Mechanical Keboards" as well as "Best Open Ear Headphones" and "Best Gaming Headsets" I also wanna see the cool shit under 100$ keep going (or whatever it's called hehe)
  8. I'm going to draw some inspiration from the comment I posted on Youtube: Hey, congrats Linus & team - I've been around for some time now on youtube and the forums and really love the community & content (for the most part). Daily content allows me to pick and choose what to watch -- basically whatever I find interesting or relevant. I love the techtips, I've learneda alot and the WAN show is a classis. Especially Luke and his slow reactions to your puns. a Keep up the good work and actually for the wan show - keep mixing up the guests and co-hosts!  On my side? I try to watch your videos on an adblock disabled browser & I tell all my tech-interested or tech-curious or even tech-confused friends about your channels (Techtips is a usual one I direct people to with questions) and I've now started doing it on my twitch stream. Surprisingly many Finns watch your stuff! Congrats, Terosterone edit: I may not post as much or even stay logged in when I read the forums - but I read General Chat, Tech News and Reviews and Hot Deals almost everyday.
  9. Terosterone

    vT August Giveaway

    Hi buddy, thanks for pm'ing me about this. I would've possibly not noticed it! Song: Omari T - Advent Chant ( can be found on YT) Games: Thief Gold Hitman 2
  10. Terosterone

    Best Game of All Time Poll

    Has to be either Crash Bandicoot 2 or Counter-Strike 1.5/1.6
  11. Terosterone

    How automation will change the world.

    This is change that no other civilization has seen at this level. This is something I bring up to the older generations. This is something that needs to be considered when you think of the general mandate "work, earn a living or be a waste to society." -- what happen's when people can't find work on a massive scale/don't need to work? Do we move to some sort of new technology-driven socialism? Or does, like someone already suggested, civilization turn into chaos and the 1% get even more powerful (those who own the bot run corporation) ((remember corporations, in the US, have more rights than humans at this point)) What is to make of it? I don't know. An infinite amount of possibilities face us and no one can predict the future with certainty. What can you make of it? Improve your skills that you research to be useful, if it's a job that can be automated get really good at it or find out other ways to make money (day trading, investing, under the table jobs), try to automate your house and make it energy positive (produces energy, doesn't consume it) and maybe figure out what it is you'd like to do to improve society (if the day ever comes when you don't need to work to maintain your living standards) -- OR put on the newest season of your favorite show and just live on like you always have.
  12. Terosterone

    Tech You're Not Into?

    Yeah, I'm not too into the super flashy shit or replacing a phone every year for a slightly improved model (or any other piece of tech). I like simple electronics and gadgets that do their job, do it good and are durable. I don't need a pacman keyboard, a green glowing gaming mouse, a rapper's headphones, an iPhone x or DLC. Not to sound like a grumpy pre-old man, but I just like impressive, value for money tech e.g. good speakers, nice monitors, good gadgets like things you pay 2-50$ and really improve your productivity.
  13. Terosterone

    Linus Tech Tips and JayzTwoCents - Giveaway!

    I really liked this video, as it brings in both science and common sense to an otherwise often emotional topic. This video was useful to me at the time of building my rig. Both channels seem to show you what the "real deal" is when it comes to common misunderstandings.