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  1. I think the new blade 14 looks to be the perfect laptop with the 1080p screen!
  2. This thing looks like it would be awesome to show up to a gathering and be able to play videogames and/or watch movies with others easily!
  3. those headphones look freaking AWSOME! I want some!!!!
  4. I think my favorite part about the Z2 is that it has such a high quality camera in it and that it comes with a bunch of neat photo/video taking tools and as far as dbrand I don't think I have ever heard of them, but I did check out their website and I think that it is cool that they have so many skins for so many different device and in so many colors. I am actually thinking about getting one now.
  5. glbeast63

    2 gpus?

    Hey there, I have been thinking about upgrading my graphics card and I have 3 monitors. Would it be better for me to go with 2 cards or go with 1 strong one? Also could you guys suggest card(s) that would be good for my situation? Also just so you know I have a Radeon 7790 right now and am looking to spend less then $550.
  6. Hey there, I am interested in buying a r9 280x but i am stuck on what brand to get. I have been comparing them a lot and think that I am between the Asus R9280-DC2T-3gd5 card and the XFX Double D R9-280x-TDFD card. Any thoughts on these?? If neither of these cards could you suggest me to one that might be good? One last thing is that I have 3 monitors I am playing on currently with a 7790, but will this kind of card get the job done (as in I'm not necessarily looking to have "ultra" on bf4)? Thanks for the help!!!