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  1. I'm assuming your on Windows 10.  Make sure your master volume is maxed, then check the volume mixer (right click on your volume icon on the taskbar and select "Volume Mixer") and make sure the application your trying to play audio with is not turned down or muted.

  2. This is the problem with descriptions of audio quality over measurements.  Some people might say "muddy", others might say "bass is overpowered", and others might complain about "bass bloom".  It depends, and they all describe different problems people might have with their audio.

  3. 7 minutes ago, SSL said:


    On this forhim we're forbidden to tell people off for this behavior, in case we harm delicate n00b feels and make things unwelcoming.

    Veterans vs. Noobs huh? Tilt the scale towards the veterans, and nobody new wants to join.  Tilt the scale towards the Noobs, and everyone wants to leave.

  4. Two years ago I made an FAQ thread to answer this question.  All it's done is prove to me over and over again nobody ever reads - even stickies - they just post.  I won't tell you your business, but every time I see another thread on this topic I die a little inside.  

  5. 1 minute ago, Wolf_Lbh said:

    As this topic is fairly small I don't think it stands a good chance of getting pinned on its own. However it does answer very frequently asked questions and would be great to include on the already pinned "The Audio Board's Frequently Asked Questions, Pre-answered!" thread. Perhaps ask @h264 if he would be willing to include it? Also that just seems neater looking to me.


    It would probably just be another thread that would get ignored in favor of yet another thread where the OP asks exactly the same question the last 25 people asked when they were OP.


    I still need to go fix that FAQ thread btw.

  6. 14 hours ago, ObeseWalrus said:

    So I am planning to fix my audio game. I am a basshead(don't kill me please) and i want speakers and headphones for my computer and the headphones will also be used with my Nexus 5 on the bus. I am thinking of buying some Custom One Pros and a set of Logitech's Z623 speakers with sub. Will i need to do anything else than just plug the speakers into my mb for proper sound?

    that should work fine

  7. Is the cable as crummy as the one that came with my HE-500s?  I even had to buy a new cable for my LCD-2s as well.  Why are all these high-end headphones so cheap?  After $500 you start getting into the esoteric drivers category and things start getting out of whack in the balance between design and driver R&D when it comes to cost.  Beyer and Sennheiser buck the trend in that category, but I'm talking about BOUTIQUE brands not international powerhouses that make the occasional statement headphone for enthusiasts.  At least they make them with removable cables.


    As for the notion of a high-end headphone bust, it's already happening just nobody can see it yet.  Hifiman is coming out with a cheaper HE-1000 called the HE Edition X not 5 months after releasing it at a $3k MSRP.  How much do they want for the basically HE-1000 factory seconds?  Only $1700.  And they were open to negotiating with fans and other industry people what the price "should be".  Way to show your hand at how much your markup is, or in this case, how inefficient your manufacturing process is.

  8. That's not what a shock mount does.... That's a pop filter.  Having used the AT2020 for over a year, I would recommend a shockmount if you have one.  Any little bump your hands make on the table from typing, mouse movement etc will be reflected in the mic just like how WAN Show had to put a t-shirt under their mic a few weeks ago for a similar problem.


    yup, wrong thing. my bad.

  9. Whyd i make a NAS in the first place?? Um because i wanted to have 4tb of network attached storage while also running Vm's and plex... Its been working great just decided that i should probably have a second drive incase the first one broke. 


    then it's all about how much you care about availability.  You could just as easily use the second drive to backup the first one and put it in a shoebox in your closet every month.