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  1. eshbop

    TV panel questions

    Wasn't because they are 'good brands' but because LG is the manufacturer of most IPS panels and Samsung makes all PLS panels. Figured they'd be inclined to use their own products, turns out PLS isn't used for TV's. Most TV panels seem to be either IPS or VA variants.
  2. But how could they fuck up a blower-cooler so bad? It's transistor density is 15% higher than a 780 and aren't as efficient.
  3. It must be shit working for a 2-3 years to not see the game fully realized for the sake of a deadline.
  4. The only 2.5k monitor with Gsync is the Swift. The price won't drop any time soon, it's a unique monitor. A 2.5k IPS 120Hz Gysnc monitor would cost double the Swift given both IPS 120Hz & IPS Gsync are yet to exist, on their own they are niche products.
  5. This is how it'll play out... GM200 is 28nm. ~40% more shaders than the 980. ~500mm2 die. Increased effective memory bandwidth by tweaking existing technolgy 390x is 20nm. ~40% more shaders than the 290x + GCN 1.2 improvements. ~?400mm2. Increased effective memory bandwidth with new memory tech. Lower power consumption & heat output = maybe better OCing headroom than GCN 1.1? Sooooo 980Ti - ~20% performance over 980 290x - ~30% performance over 290x The 390x will ship for the cost of a 980 at the time. The 980Ti will ship for $700. Just as about every other GPU launch seems to go
  6. See if you can take that front piece of metal off. It looks like there might be a VESA mount behind it.
  7. My OS and ~30 apps take up ~60Gb, plus a game can be ~50Gb. I'd go with the 250Gb model, that way you can put a couple games on it
  8. SkyUI Nah not unless you are getting too hectic with it. Steam Workshop is easier and has most of the popular Nexus mods.
  9. This is like rating a game with a numerical score, it does more harm than good. Creates controversy that isn't needed. A games worth can't be determined unless you play it/read a few reviews. Focus on creating interesting characters, suited to their role, in their game and diversity should be inherent. Diversity is lacking because most games use 'safe' characters, catered to the majority & social 'norms' or it takes a backseat to other aspects like gameplay or graphics.
  10. Steam gave Sniper Elite V2 away to everyone a few months back...
  11. Fan controllers are pretty simple, I wouldn't worry about the brand too much.
  12. eshbop

    TV panel questions

    No decent TV is TN. It doesn't have the viewing angles for it. LG TV's would be IPS, Samsung PLS. Or atleast very similar panel technologies.
  13. BSoD's me. But then again, so does everything but MSE.
  14. eshbop

    TV panel questions

    LED is just the backlight tech. They are all still LCD's.
  15. Well, as currently higher refresh rate = not TN. It has to be resolution.