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  1. I'm open to a wider time range but I am hoping for something with Command and Conquer 3 / C & C generals or above levels of graphics. Red alert 2 or Tiberium Sun are past my graphical tolerance levels now.
  2. I loved command and conquer and the red alert games. But they for some reason collapsed a popular game franchise. I know Starcraft is out there but I could never get into it. Any recommendations of similar fun strategy games that took up the mantle of this style?
  3. Do you know of any that hand off well to each other? I often find in multi AP setups that they hold on for dear life to even a super weak signal as long as its active before looking for a new one.
  4. A 2 base station mesh system seems to be about right for the size of property. However, if you place a standard router downstairs and then go upstairs and get poor signal on a laptop or phone then it may be that the wireless signal from the mesh base router downstairs may also be lost by the time it gets to the 1st mesh repeater upstairs.
  5. I have a friend who has a 2 story house with concrete walls (concrete is very good at blocking wifi signals). He has asked for a recommendation for a router. My instinct is to go with a beast single router first and if that doesn't work then try mesh here are my candidates. If you have a better strategy or recommendations for specific routers please post them Single router candidate : Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 R8000 https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/R8000.aspx Mesh candidate : Netgear Orbi RBK50 AC3000 https:
  6. Great thanks Hopefully don't need to go to minimum. Just need to make it sound like it did playing the Witcher 3 or Metal Gear Solid V
  7. Thanks Will the GPU automatically downclock to protect itself if I force the fans to run slower like that?
  8. I have an EVGA 980ti Classified Edition and due to the giant oversized heatsink until now I never even noticed the fans at all. However, I just loaded up Shadow of The Tomb Raider and the fans spooled up to a point where I decided to stop playing within 5 mins. (1080p and nVidia experience settings) Is it possible to set a limit for the fans and have the card just do the best framerate it can within that thermal limit? (As opposed to setting a limit for the fans have the card go full blast and cook itself to shutdown or death) Thanks
  9. Griffin specifically state a drop distance and surface : "7-foot (2.1-meters) drop-tested onto concrete" - Griffin Website link below https://griffintechnology.com/devices/apple/iphone/iphone-xs/griffin-survivor-strong-for-iphonexs Otterbox also used to list this same information drop distance to concrete.
  10. I usually buy Griffin cases as they have the certified 6ft 7ft and 11ft drop protection depending on model. However, they didn't have the Xs Max size ready at launch. Otterbox did but they removed all their drop distance information from the site. After asking elsewhere they removed it some time ago most likely to prevent people making claims on dropped phones damaged from drops from distances it is supposed to cover. However, given that most manufacturers still list the distance a case is drop tested too it greatly reduced my confidence in the Otterbox product.
  11. Apple have said they will never do this. However I am very excited at their universal app program they announced at WWDC 2017. The idea is an app build for one platform IOS/MacOS will automatically work on the other. That would be amazing. My dream would be to have my desktop development apps on my iPad like Atom/Pinegrow/xCode
  12. The new Google Slate product totally baffles me. It has all the cons of a Surface Pro with none of the benefits. What customer will buy this? If you want a desktop on the go you get a Surface Pro, if you want more power at a lower price and can live without desktop apps you get an iPad Pro.iPad ProPro = Very fast, fair price (so far)Cons = No desktop appsSurface ProPros = Desktop Windows Apps (a big pro)Cons = Massive price, even $1700 i7 slower than an iPad ProGoogle SlatePro = ?Cons = Massive price, even $1700 i7 slower than an iPad Pro, No desktop apps
  13. Finished the Witcher 3 anything I can play to live up to this masterpiece of storytelling?
  14. Go to say Griffin and you will see a drop rating 7ft/2.1m and tested to 810G military standards. Spigen say 42inch drop tested 26 times and tested to 810G military standards. But go to Otterbox now and they no longer tell you what drop distance rating they give any of their cases. They just say "Otterbox Certified drop protection." The most specific they get is : "We conduct multiple drops at multiple heights and various angles" That's about as evasive as you can get. This is probably a legal thing but greatly affects my trust in the product as the
  15. I did look at that. However the low ANSI grade did put me off a bit. I don't know why but their high end Schlage Sense seems to be rated at only Grade 3, the lowest ANSI level for locks. Yet their B60 $35 deadbolt is rated as ANSI Grade 1. https://www.schlage.com/en/home/products/BE479CENFFF.html