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  1. I have a core i5-2300 Laying around and i want to bring it new life anyone know any motherboards that have 2 slots for ram on them. Please and thank you
  2. Im just trying to find the rpm your currently not helpful sorry
  3. Crystal disc didnt say anything and rpm matters im trying to get the right drive for a xbox upgrade
  4. I want to figure out my rpm on my hard drive using third party software I look up the drive model number and it comes up with nothing that's why I'm looking for third party
  5. Had to open my xbox and replace the hdd it finally failed

  6. Just a normal day With my pc Might put in a capture card From xp era and try to find drivers

  7. I think I might have From a website I will look more in to it
  8. Ill take it as a challenge And something to do in my free time
  9. So I could use it to capture my Wiis video or anything with AV
  10. So I have a WinPc card I bought from a old xp computer and parted it the motherboard didn't work. I was wondering what it was used for here's what I found that looks like it on google. Its pci and one of my motherboards has it and it supports pci
  11. Ive seen some videos where it looks playable and has some good quality
  12. I have a gt 1030 i could throw in it would that work
  13. I would Have to wait for summer to get a job to get a proper gamming setup
  14. Hey ill be a challenge to beat it like that