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  1. Zbox...... So much more awesome than the Xbox
  2. That headset looks so premium, and would look so badasd on my desk
  3. Found the Chanel a year ago while looking for reviews on the razer deathadder. Havn't missed an episode since, including tech quickie and super fun. Keep up tje awesome work
  4. Love the 4k video capture, the waterproofness, and the front speakers (thank god someone caught on), and the screen. Also, a skin from dbrand would be awesome
  5. Love the z1, and with a better screen and 4k video capture, the z2 is an excellent Upgrade. And dbrand, love the idea of custom skins on phones.
  6. Love HTC, tHey make the most amazing phones. Favourite things about the m8 are the aluminum body and dual rear cameras.