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  1. Old enough to drink in Burgerland very soon.
  2. Dont really understand why some people are so anal about it being manual or automatic.
  3. Motion blur is for people who dont mind being bad at videogames.
  4. Depends on how hardcore on an fps player you are but the g502 abd m65 are kinda medicore for fps. Theyre pretty good otherwise though. The g502 is very comfty if you palmgrip.
  5. I thought most keyboard people hated them?
  6. A fat stache is the perfect compliment for a crimson chin Im acutally more interested in what people think about body hair.
  7. Might grow a beard if i get fat to hide my double chin. Otherwise i dont like going beyond stubble personally.
  8. Did a multiple choice exam for college (this test was 100% of the grade). I skipped past the questions i that were tedious so that id i could revisit them once ive gone through the test fully. The next question box on the webpage tuned in to an identical "submit test" button. I of course clicked it and it turns out i had skipped 1/3 of the test..
  9. They have a couple of alright budget ones. I have the rival 300 and the build quality is very good. The rest overall seems like bloated garbage tbh.
  10. Haha i didnt mean to scare you away from the mouse, the g502 is an excellent all around mouse, it really just depends on how picky you are or how competetive your are. The main factor is just the weight and size isnt ideal for flicks and such. Ive seen the razer viper on sale pretty often and you might get that for cheaper actually. But you should get the 502 if you want it.
  11. Im not aware of any giant hard pads but considering you like hard pads i suspect youre a fan of fast pads. There are some large soft pads that are near hard pads in terms of speed. Glide 38 Rog Scabbard Custom artisan pad There are more that i cant remember though.
  12. Really depends on what you play. If you play everything but fps then its a pretty good deal.