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  1. I wasnt commenting on ads i was talking about piracy/theft. I get the paralel youre drawing but i dont belive these arw the same issue. And are treated differntly in financial analasis.
  2. Are you claiming that stealing the product rather than buying it doesnt hurt the revenue? In accounting potential sales are absolutley a part of calculating the revenue, which is in turn vital information for any company to attract investors.
  3. I grabbed a full custom loop out of the garbage when working at a dump for the summer. I have a 240 with gentle typhoons and a 200mm rad with a phobya 180mm fan, gtx 980 with full cover block, all in a mid tower case (moderatley mangled to fit the 200mm rad). spent 10 euro on an am4 waterblock and grabbed a barrow pump from the garbage also. Also run tap water lol, and i also swapped out my psu fan for a silent noctua fan (also from garbage). Run everything on low rpm so its nearly inaudible. Some may call it garbage i call it recycling.
  4. Double clicking is common for the most of the logitech G line up. g203, g305, g502, g903, GPW etc
  5. I also enjoy the occational energy drink (sugar free) however one thing most people dont consider is that usually energy drinks are consumed much more slowly than regular soda, and therefore expose your teeth to very very low ph stuff for a long amount of time. Not good for teefers.
  6. I dont think you can pick any API you like. Some brokers have their own apis for their respective platforms. Seeing as you are in turkey we dont know what brokerages are availabe.
  7. I only really drink socialy, and i either drink alot or absolutley nothing. Unfortunatley due to covid i can count on one hand the amount of times i've been at a party the past year or so.
  8. Dont see why people care so much about the sponsor slots. They`re all equally annoying and i skip all of them. As long as the product isnt illegal/scum why lmg shouldnt pick the highest paying ones. The ads are high paying because they have high demands for the commertials. Gus johnson has a good video on this: TLDR opinion, all ads are garabge and the content would be better without them. Once they`re in the video its already interupting so its mostly irrelevant what the ads are, hence why its no problem to pick the highest paying ones. Thats IMO ofc
  9. Dont have a gf but the girls that have been in my room didnt really care about it. The only real comment ive ever gotten was one asking why i had two computers, reffering to my two monitors. xqcA
  10. Dark chocolate can be pretty nice. Unless theyre like 90%. I very rarely really candy/chocolate so dark chocolate is appropiratley sweet imo. Goes well with coffee. Milk chocolate can also be very tasty but i find most brands to be pretty bad.
  11. Its a very good general use mouse thats for sure. As for op i think that a Razer mouse with the optical switches will last you a very long time.