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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    ASRock b450m
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    16 GB DDR4
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    RTX 2060 SUper 8GB(Gygabites)
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    Logitech G105
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    windows 10

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  1. Yeah.. Its gonna be a pain to upgrade early
  2. It seems competent enough to me. Probably can tweak certain things to keep it 60
  3. Let's say RDR2 at 4k? This is one of my most wanted to play game but it looks so bad without 4k it ain't even funny...
  4. I'm glad to hear it, I don't have unrealistic expectations out of my system and I like to think I got a good system even if its pre built.
  5. I also am a bit scared that the 3070 would bottleneck me somehow
  6. It was definitely built for console first,no debate there. But I would think that Rockstar was competent enough to not fuck it up... Guess I was wrong.
  7. I am seriously considering trying for a 2080ti instead of a 3070 right now. With the issues that the 3080 cards got, I am not confident in the 3000 series yet. And frankly I think a 2080ti would be more than okay for my set up.. My main question is, let's say I want to go 1440p/4k,will I be able to go ultra settings in every game and get 60 FPS? I'll post my setup so you guys can answer me. Ryzen 7 3700x 16GB DDR4 ram sticks. Add the RTX 2080ti to that. Also stupid question but would anything bottleneck me with that setup?
  8. The worst is that if I could ignore those issues I mentionned, I am getting 60 FPS almost flawless with everything maxed out minus MSAO. Its these damn aliasing/dithering issues that are really too jarring for me to get over it.
  9. Its a shame. I really don't want to turn on 4k at 30 FPS Guess I'll wait to get another GPU.
  10. Hmm So I guess that will be the determining factor on if I get a 2080TI or a 3070.
  11. Okay so if I have a PCIe3,i might have a slight bottleneck? that's all?
  12. I am not yet 100% used to making upgrades on my PC,I read that the 3070 will feature PCIe 4,so my question is,will it still workd with a PCIe3? I only have an ASRock 450m/AC sadly and I don't have that on it
  13. I absolutely loved Clash of Heroes back on NDS,so its kinda nostalgic to play it again.
  14. That's a solid list to look into! Thanks man! Sometimes I just want a little puzzle game as I watch videos or do some other stuff on my second monitor,but I'm kinda picky when it comes to those.
  15. I have been playing FFXIV since 2013 non stop. Always have a sub up,its 100% worth it.