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  1. skippytheturtle

    Bluetooth interfering my wifi in my laptop.

    Keep in mind 802.11ac does have a 2.4Ghz portion. Most speed ratings are a little misleading because they add both 2.5 and 5Ghz bands together.
  2. skippytheturtle

    Can anyone ID this port?

    For the love of all things fluffy, Please Do Not (if you even can) buy a hub. Get a switch
  3. skippytheturtle

    Port Fowarding without router access.

    Without logins (ssh or user control panel) you will be unable to port forward any traffic. Tt is probably against your TOS anyway.
  4. Any reason you could not use a load balancing router and not deal with the mess? I guess latency might be an issue though.
  5. skippytheturtle

    SIM card to laptop

    Get a Lenovo
  6. skippytheturtle

    Ethernet through walls

    Why would you need shielding, that is for areas with lots of electrical noise (industrial etc). If it is outside, but not exposed to sunlight direct burial might be a good choice for moisture ingress protection, most direct burial cable is filled with "goo". Also get a wall plate, keystone jack, low voltage wall bracket, and a punchdown tool. Also remember to PULL cable, not push
  7. skippytheturtle

    Cheapest 10Gb/s home network solution?

    For client to client you will not need a router. Option 1 get two 10g NICs, two 10g SFP+ Modules, and a OM3 fiber cable Option 2 get two 10g NIC and use Direct Attached Copper Option 3 get two 10g NIC (RJ45) and use Cat6/Cat6a cable depending on the length. This might be the best option for future expansion.
  8. skippytheturtle

    How much is my college isp tracking?

    Besides using a VPN, make sure to change your DNS as well.
  9. skippytheturtle

    10GBPS Switch to 1GBPS Switch

    For an internet cafe 10g really is not appropriate. You mentioned disk-less systems so clients will not be transferring data anyway. Tplink makes great consumer grade stuff. For an internet cafe I would look at something like ubiquity, cisco, or ruckus depending on number of clients.
  10. skippytheturtle

    WiFi Adapter not Working on My PC

    I have Ubuntu and windows 10 installed on my PC. Ubuntu is fine, but everyone i switch back to windows I have to unplug and plug back in the wifi adapter. Windows 10 seems to be fussy when it comes to wifi adapters, I have been through three. Does yours happen to be a wireless N adapter by tp-link?
  11. I believe you can set time limits with open dns as well as block certain sites at the dns level.
  12. skippytheturtle

    Will this work well

    Not necessarily the same circuit, but they don't like to be separated at the meter level for sure, also they don't like surge protectors
  13. skippytheturtle

    Ubiquiti Modem?

    Nope, just the crap the ISP gives you
  14. skippytheturtle

    WiFi Better Than Ethernet, No Gigabit

    If that was internet speed 300 MB/s (bytes)...that would be pretty badass
  15. skippytheturtle

    how does data actually flow in a network

    Broadcasts will go to all 4 switches (assuming just one VLAN). Not sure why 4 switches and not just 1.