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    16gb ddr4
  • GPU
    Nvidia GTX 1070 amor 8gb oc
  • Case
    Msi codex
  • Storage
    500gb ssd 2tb hdd
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    Logitech g810
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    Razer mamba
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    Razer chroma 7.1 usb
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  1. It said in the tutorial i need to make static ip so the computer boots with the same ip everytime or something like that. I will try a dofferent way. I used to port forward my other router but i moved house and this router is weird in the interface.
  2. It’s working now but i was trying to set a static ip so i can port forward and make a server for a game i think. I watched some tutorials on youtube.
  3. It worked, thank you so much i had no idea how u do it ?
  4. Hello, i need help to fix my router?. I have been trying to set up a fixed ip and i switched the connection from dhcp to fixed ip i put in everything and the site crashed and i don’t have internet now and i cannot open my router admin page it says time limit reached because it never loads. Hmm i am bad at this stuff and i dont know what to do. Thanks
  5. I might get one because now laptops are cheaper with better specs and mine new in 2015 was 1200$ and now for 1200$ you can buy good laptop
  6. @saksham i tried installing windows 10 on it and its slowly installing then after like 30 min the pc shuts off. First tge screen goes black and after about 10 seconds the pc shut off so i cant even install other os
  7. But i have intel integrated graphics and im getting an egpu anyway so it doesnt matter but even with intel graphics the laptop runs extremely slow and it was always using inel graphics for like chrome or browsing files and nvidia card was only used for gaming so even if the gpu is dead why is the laptop so awfully slow @saksham
  8. No. It boots i see my user name and when its about to boot into desktop its a black screen and nothing happens. I tried installing windows 10 in media creation tool on the broken laptop and it was taking like 3h and it was not even close to be done so i unplugged it and ill try again right now
  9. Also when the laptop runs very slow for about 10 minutes it just shuts off. Not from overheating its cold but looks like from i dont know when i try to run 5 games at a time like it just crashed.
  10. This might have happened but still i dont get why my intel hd graphics cant run the laptop like shouldnt it be able to run normally use chrome and things? Not gaming but simple tasks
  11. I have no idea how linux works the laptop might be broken because no matter what ssd i boot it from its slow as hell and intried windows 10 and it doesnt want to start windows 10 i just see black screen and a - blinking in the top left of the screen
  12. Its not nvidia problem because my laptop has good intel graphics it should be able to run without issues on integrated graphics
  13. My laptop was working fine with no issue then something happened and i dont know what but it started working slowly and when i boot the laptop cpu usage is at 30% and it stays there so maybe some apps running but there is nothing in task maneger