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  1. Karen Souza "Weird Al" Yankovic Garfunkel and Oates
  2. wait that means i cant overclock using that motherboard ?PoopThatTookAPee
  3. does ryzen 3 3200g with radon vega graphics 8 do oveerclocking ? @PoopThatTookAPee
  4. u can do it if u believe in ur self atleast that is wat i think
  5. so it would affect the price? and um how much of the cpu would i be able to use if i uoverclock like in rizen 5 1600 (if its available) @PoopThatTookAPee
  6. um sorry i have kinda low info on cpu's ok let me gues is that a amd ryzen cpu ? @NZgamer
  7. i am from kolkata but rightnow i am in mushidabad in state:west bengal