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  1. Probably grip tape would work better but thanks!
  2. CPU is really old, honestly just get a new Intel i5 or something and you should be fine
  3. Anyone know how I would apply the bumpons/if I should put grip tape on the feet?
  4. That’s a 3D model made by someone else I can’t mod the feet/3D print them as I don’t have a 3D printer. I was just using that as an example. Also Skillshare has some great drawing courses and it’s pretty cheap. Don’t know if you care but thought I’d mention it.
  5. Will these go on the bottom of the feet on the GMMK? For reference, the feet look like this.
  6. Sorry, this message posted twice. See message below.
  7. Probably stupid question, but what are bumpons?
  8. I'm confused. What are awards and how do I get them?
  9. yeah. the ctrl is already expensive. do you know of a mod to make the gmmk feet have more grip? currently they have little to no rubber on them.
  10. yeah. my rearagon k552 is second gen so it uses redragon switches and not outemu switches so they are not hot swappable.
  11. Ty do you know of any barebones boards that are abt 90$?
  12. Yeah. The drop ctrl BAREBONES is 150 tho... too much atm. Speed copper gets some bad reviews, box royal seems best atm
  13. Also, say I had a budget of $200, 215 max. Then what could I do? And what about WASD? They make barebones boards. I’ve seen they’re made of plastic, pretty expensive, and I don’t know if they have rgb, but if they do meet my requirements, then by all means tell me!
  14. Hmm! Maybe! It’s just that the feet on the GMMK, a 60 dollar board barebones, are worse than my 45 dollar board with keycaps and switches included.